Easy to Fold Origami Heart

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You knew this was coming right?  After all Valentine’s happens every year.  And every year we all want to fold origami hearts.  OK maybe that is just me. Below I share a simple origami heart to fold for a craft activity or to put on a card or to send to someone for a Valentine.  Or if you want to torture your children tell they they have to fold every Valentine they hand out this year…Actually don’t do that, that’s torture for you.

Have I told you I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day? I like it about as much as I like Halloween. (You can see that rant at Halloween ghost origami)  I seriously seem like a holiday hater, but it’s just that holidays need to have a purpose for me and Valentine’s is a greeting card holiday.  Or perhaps it’s a diamond cartel holiday. I don’t know which originated it, but the holiday has nothing to do with anything and is merely an excuse for couples to have unnecessary expectations and obligations and marketers to sell us products.  The fact you can fold origami hearts is about the only thing I really like about it. So let’s get to that.

Items you will need to fold this Origami Heart

  • Square piece of paper (I use 6 inch by 6 inch)
  • The video above
  • Absolutely nothing else!
  • No date, significant other, box of chocolates or flowers needed
  • I just like bullet points.

This is a flat origami so you can mail it very easy, so stick it in a box of goodies being sent to someone or paste it to a card or tape it to your kids door.  I realize that cutting out hearts is way faster. But for me that means I won’t have an excuse to do origami. So I fold them.

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2 red origami hearts on white wiht "Fold and ORgiami heart"

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

I live in the mountains of Utah. Yes, I am also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I love hot pink, XC skiing, running, hot chocolate, yoga, romance novels,traveling for fun, volunteering and, of course, origami. I am a woman, a mom, a wife and a daughter of God. I believe that everything tastes better with a little bacon or a little chocolate but not both.