All Things Valentines

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Valentines Day meant waiting to hear the line so many of us waited for when we were young. The line we still wish to hear on Valentine’s day. There are different stages of Valentine Love. To learn the back story on Valentine’s Day, The History Channel can fill you in.

Let’s focus on how to express love through the ages!

The Youthful Child

Childhood where every holiday is an EVENT! Valentine’s day is no different. When they get excited about expressing their love and joy for life with classmates and family. Channeling the energy is hard. Let’s break it down.

A card to the grandparents should be homemade. Homemade cards express love in a way words do not. The best part is if your child still struggles with writing, a homemade card is an expression of their artistic skills.

I am totally digging the Thumb print card. The whole family can get in on the action. And if you really want to go the extra mile, photograph the art, then put the art on a mug and give the mug to them for a gift on another holiday.

Classroom Valentines mean a lot of cards. There are two ways to go, purchase the card sets in a shop. They are fast, usually inexpensive and get the job done. Downside, your kid might be giving the same cards as someone else in his class. Based on time, you might consider having your child make cards.

Little Rock Family found a nifty way to fold those old school lacy red valentine hearts.  The lacy hearts are traditional and give a feeling of love. They come in a multitude of colors and not expensive to purchase.



Oh I am so happy I survived the teenage years and Valentines. You are either worried about what to give the boyfriend or girlfriend or you don’t have a BF or GF and worry about not getting anything. Parents — be supportive. If they don’t have a GF or BF might I suggest you send flowers to them anonymously. Make them keep guessing and never let on it is from you.

You always hear stories about the kid who saved up all his money and purchased a flower for every girl in his class or school. If your child is that child — WAY TO GO. If not, share with them these stories– they might just do something similar.  By the way, a pink carnation can go a long way. I still remember my secret admirer who gave me a pink carnation every year in high school.



Do you have a beau? Wonderful. This is a great time to show how much you really have listen to their dreams, wants and ideas. If they like hiking, take them for a hike — even if you don’t like hiking.

Do something beyond the basic chocolate, flowers and cards.

The Outdoors Person: I am a big fan of National Geographic online shop. Not only do you get to show your support National Geographic Society’s nonprofit mission of research, education, conservation, and exploration, you are showing your love you acknowledge and care about their interests.

It’s time for the National Park’s 100th birthday. National Geographic writers hit all 59 national parts. This book shares pictures and maps with tips on travel planning, itineraries and activities.  A Valentines gift that opens up many wonderful trips for the rest of the year.


The TravelerThe things I need most when I travel- good headphones, an amazing suitcase and carry on, reusable water bottle and carry on bag.

FaVeTeen EliVe still is digging the Sound Intone BT-O2 HeadPhones he reviewed last year. What makes these great for travel is they are wireless. The charge lasts for 1o hrs. Which should get you half way around the world.

As a Disney Fanatic — I love all things Disney. Currently, attending Disney Social Media Moms #disneySMMC and I received an American Tourister (The Official Disney Luggage) C3PO 21″ luggage. Totally digging the Start Wars theme. It comes with Single Spinner Wheels which means so easy to move in the airport. Sized at 21.0″ x 14.75″ x 9.5″ and weighing only 6.1lbs it fits most regulation airline carryon guidelines.  Also a good reference is the Airline Carry on Guide, just to be sure.

If your not into Star Wars, American Tourister has a wide selection luggage for all ages and personalities.

If you plan on using one carry on as your suitcase, then this carry-on needs to fit under the seat.  Airplanes mean germs. You need a bag that is easy to clean. My go to is Ju-Ju-Be, the Super Be.
It is ultra light, can hold a heck of a lot of stuff. The Teflon fabric helps repel stains. The Agion Treatment protects the inside by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. It’s machine washable. There are many bags to choose; I  look for the bags that can keep up with my adventures.
I love reusable water bottles for many different beverages. Currently, I am trying out Not Vodka sparkly pink one. The Puppy one is pretty dang cute.  Now if they only had one with Giraffes.


The Artist/ The Writer — walk away from Pinterest. The Artist wants something they can create or imagine they can create. Look into their studio — every artist has one even if it is just a drawer in a room. An artist always has a little niche carved out somewhere to create. How can you express your love for the artist?

For the painter, it could be as simple as a blank stretch canvas. Include a poem or a note maybe telling them you will pick up the house or something to give them time to paint. This works especially good for the artistic parent.

For the writer, a journal is always an option. To be more personal, look for works by other authors that are inspiring to you and share it with your loved one.

For the Photographer, a jump drive with lots of memory on it. Make it personal by hanging it from a bunch of balloons, just not to many balloons that it floats away.

Would you be my Valentine? The reality is these words are the greatest words to hear on Feb. 14th. Even if you have been married for fifty years, knowing someone wants you as there Valentine makes your heart swell. Follow those words with a token, an action of love is what takes it to the next level. I find the Valentine’s I remember the most are the ones where my Valentine knew me, knew my favorite things and could surprise me with showing he got it to.

We might not all have a Valentine in our lives each year and that is o.k.  Give a flower to the supermarket check out person, bring flowers to a retirement home or make secret Valentine cards for the elderly. Visit a local animal shelter and bring treats for the staff and animals.

Bring Love, Share Love, Give Love

Be a Valentine for someone else. You never know how your simple act can brighten up someone else’s day.



There is something for all ages at Valentine's Ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults | FaVe Mom

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