Gifts for Origami Lovers

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Know an origami lover?  Below are 10 origami inspired gifts that any origami lover would want to receive.  So you don’t know an origami lover? No surprise there are only some of us in the world.  Think of this less as a “origami gift ideas for friends” and more a “unique gift ideas with clean lines”.  These are seriously unique gifts for people.

origami cat from yellow sticky note on black backgroundOrigami Post it Notes  

This is more of a stocking stuffer, but it’s pretty entertaining as a gift for an origami lover that’s just a casual aquantiance.  Cause who can’t use more post it notes in there life.

Origami Nativity

It’s one of my favorite nativities ever.  I own the whole set –camel, archway and all.  I can’t say how much this is a great gift for an origami lover.  Of course it’s also not just for anyone. I recommend you know they are Christian or AWKWARD!

Fold a Scope gift for an origami lover | FAvemom.comOrigami Microscope

I came across this company when they were developing their fold a scope to give inexpensive microscopes to developing nation schools.  Adn origami was the answer. I kickstartered them and while I don’t use this microscope much it’s probably because I banned my kids from touching it for too long. 

money gift guide for origami loversGive money folded really cool

Or rather than making this origami gift for a friend you could give them the book and some cash.  I have 5 great money origami book ideas.  Then they can fold at will.  I personally love using these books for gifting to others later.  The nieces and nephews love it.

Origami Crane Leggings

Now this isn’t one for your friend that doesn’t like leggings.  For example my husband wouldn’t want this, but it’s still so super fun I put it on the list.   Redbubble has loads of other leggings if you want a specific color. There is even an origami yoda legging.  

Snarky Origami Shirt

My husband gets a snarky shirt every year, so this one is making the list of origami lover gifts.  I love the definition “Origami Master: This shirt used to be my pants”

origami jewlery is a great gift for an origami lover | FAvemom.comOrigami Jewelry

Again this is one you need to make sure your recipient likes jewelry.  My husband wouldn’t want this one either. But the rose gold of the origami crane outline earrings are fun and enjoyable to wear.    But if you don’t like earrings there is an necklace option to enjoy.

Origami Lampshade

When it comes to origami gifts for friends, it’s  definitely unique to get a lamp inspired by origami.

Origami Kitchen gadgets

Remember that cootie-catcher of childhood or perhaps you called it a fortune teller.  Either way you remember it right. Well now it’s been made into silicon and you can use it to protect your fingers from hot dishes coming out of the microwave.

There you have it.  10 gifts for origami lover.  Which by the way I am an origami lover and I wouldn’t mind any of these ideas.  So happy gifting.

If you’ve been inspired to fold some origami try these:

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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