Money Origami Ring 4 Ways

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Money Origami Ring 4 Ways | Favemom.comThe money origami ring, it’s a classic.  It’s almost trite …only almost, because there are 4 different ways of making it.  I scoured you tube to find you some ways to make rings that may not be typical.  And I found one that is on a website that intrigued me enough to make it and share it with you.  

Money Origami Ring 4 Ways

The Square Top Money Origami Ring

Money Origami Ring 4 Ways | Favemom.comThis ring has been done and if one of these is overdone, it’s this one.  But no list can be without it.  I mean you can whip this out at the last minute when you realize you forget your niece’s birthday and she happens to be in town and you met up at Grandma’s  (I am not saying this happened to me, but trust me you can easily make this while hiding in a back room trying to complete it before your niece notices a gift is missing)

Money Origami Diamond Ring

Money Origami Ring 4 Ways | Favemom.comThis takes the square ring and gives it a bit more “bling”.  And a more feminine touch.  It appears slightly less like a collegiate football ring.  I found this easy enough to fold and again you can make it in a pinch.  It will hold it’s shape when mailed in a box too.  This video doesn’t have verbal direction, which aren’t my preference, but his shots were clear -and the holiday music in the middle is odd, but happy. (And this is a way bigger denomination than I usually fold)


Money Origami Square Top Ring

Money Origami Ring 4 Ways | Favemom.comThis ring looks cooler than it’s actually functions, but I wanted to include it cause the look is fun.  A square top on the ring and a really large band (we are talking practically a brass knuckle here).  I adjusted this video to use a dollar bill, that’s what led to the long ring band.  As you can see it works out much better from a piece of origami paper.  I also pinned a great diagram of this jewel box ring if you prefer that to videos (I will be honest sometimes diagrams are nice because they don’t require stop and starts)

Butterfly Ring from a Dollar Bill

Money Origami Ring 4 Ways | Favemom.comI liked this one the best.  It wasn’t too complex –one squash fold–and it comes out more impressive looking.  The struggle is that if you don’t get the insert spot in the front deep enough your ring doesn’t hold together well.  All the other rings create the circle by connecting the ends of the bill at the back of the band.  This does it at the front.  So it’s a more fragile design.  All the same, I still like it the most.

You’ll find the ring on FLotsam and Origami Jetsam site. No video, but there are pictures of the steps with an actual bill, that really makes it easier to follow.

So there you have it, make a fun ring to give away, keep yourself, or just to share with a friend.  And do your best not to sing Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies”  while you make it.  Or perhaps your friends would prefer a money origami shirt?


Use a dollar to fold your money in to easy origami rings.  4 different ways for you to choose from, with Video tutorials.  Try one today |

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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