Disney’s Tangled! How to fold Origami Suns

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Tangled the Series is out and we are all a little Rapunzel-crazy around here at FaveMom.  Did you see the adorable crafts and recipes in our Tangled DIY post?  The origami suns I am about to show you how to fold are used to make adorable straws to sip up the honey lemonade.  Tasty stuff and if I can’t fold straw wrappers than adding origami to the straws is a good second option.

I used 6″x6″ double sided origami paper for the suns.  To make this origami I recommend using paper that is colored on both sides.  I recommend also using origami paper, not basic craft paper.  The number of folds layered on one another makes it difficult to work with at the end if your paper is too think.  Of course, if you are making a large sun than thicker paper is necessary to hold it together.

We will start with how to turn a square piece of paper into a hexagon.  It’s far easier to fold 6 pointed things with six pointed paper.  And actually the trick to making hexagon paper is my favorite part.  It’s work watching the video just for that.  It’s a series of folds that give you the guidelines for a hexagon.   Math tricks at their finest.  You are essentially using the geometry of a equal sided polygon to “measure out”  by folds the sides of the hexagon.  Watch it is cool and completely do-able by every tween to adult.

Warning:  The twist fold section throws a bunch of people off.  It seems weird to say we are twisting paper, but in a way you are.  It’s one of the magical ways that origami functions.  By straight flat folds you end up making something twist up beautifully.

As always send up photos of your work to our Fave Mom facebook page.

Origami Sun from Disney's Tangled



Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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