5 Best Money Origami Books

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As money origami is my preferred genre, I wanted to share a few of my favorite resources.  Used when I am not making my own models. Now these books range from the beginner to advanced.  But these all have great model directions.  That can often be the most frustrating things about an origami book, poor directions.  Some come with a DVD to make it easier to follow when you are confused.

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Paper Airplanes with Dollar Bills

Who doesn’t like making paper airplanes? Lots of origami books focus on flowers and cute things.  Paper Airplanes With Dollar Bills is my favorite for making money gifts for the boys in our family (though I have made some for girls too depending on what they like).  There are options for mulit-bill designs and single bill designs.  That adds a challenge for the folder, but keeps it interesting.


Ultimate Origami for Beginners

Ultimate Origami for Beginners is actually a kit with directions, paper and a DVD.  The beginner models are pretty fun to make and most are original designs by the origami gurus LaFosse and Alexander.   The paper choices make this a great starter set.  You get 2 sizes of paper (some double sided in color) and some fake money to fold.  That’s why it made the money origami list.  And it is fairly inexpensive to boot.   WARNING:  some of these models are not easy enough for young kids.

Green Origami Gifts

Green Origami Gifts contains a huge variety of levels.  From the single fold iPod to the money pegasus there is something everyone can do.  I especially like the purse for a gift to my nieces.  There are some very basic ones you can memorize for leaving tips like the pyramid and the star.  Those practical things earned it a place on my bookshelf.

Dollar Origami Treasures

Want a go-to book for more impressive folded money gifts.  Dollar Origami Treasures is it!  A huge variety of animals for all your kid giving needs.  There are a few difficult models (especially skinny legged birds).  But that makes the gifts  all the more impressive when you send them off.  The whole book is generally laid out with the easier models at the start getting progressively harder.  So don’t worry you’ll build up to the harder stuff.


Extreme Origami

OK Extreme Origami: Transforming Dollar Bills into Priceless Works of Art is more a coffee table book (for most of us).  But it’s all so beautiful.  The models are advanced.  Every single one! My neighbor saw it and asked if “extreme” meant I was folding and base jumping simultaneously.  He kinda felt sheepish when I showed him the models.  It was unanimous the folds are extreme.  But they are sooooooo amazing.  If you really want to WOW a gift recipient, you could make them one from this book.  But after all that effort those stay on my mantle.


5 best money origami books for making gifts for friends and family

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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