Dollar Origami Fish for Tipping

Step-By-Step insturctions and tutorial for a dollar origami fish | My family returned from a trip to Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.  We seriously love vacationing in Florida.  Bewteen Volcano Bay  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Simpson rides and trying to beat each other at Men In Black we have the best time!   It came in really handy that I knew how to fold a dollar origami fish (look under the video to know why)

We don’t live in Florida or anywhere near Florida.  So our vacation always (and I mean ALWAYS) begins with an early morning drive to the Salt Lake City Airport.  This time it was actually super late night drive since we were taking the red eye –either way, it’s not when you want to be driving to the airport.  After parking at our local lot, we took te shuttle to the airport.  It’s at the that moment I realized I only had two $1 bills to tip the driver with.  This was a rather sad moment.  The guy was driving in the middle of the night for what are, probably, often tired and cranky travelers.

ASIDE:  I don’t know how much you all tip shuttle drivers, but I am probably cheaper than most.  I usually just do about $1 for each person in my party if it is my family.  If it is mean alone I do $3 which ends up usually being a $5 because that it what I have.

2 fish folded from twenty dollar billsAnyway I looked at my few bills and immediately thought how lame a traveler I was, only $2 for tipping on my trip.  Lack of planning.  In the dark shuttle I went to work folding the bill.  At the time I hadn’t folded this repeatedly so I was racking my memory for the steps.  I eventually hit on the correct sequence and created a fish.  I really hoped the cuteness would make up for the lack of cash.

We got to the airport and handed off the money and began the hurry up and wait of airport check in.  The driver had been all polite and accepted my tip without annoyance or surprise at the money.  I figured he was grumbling to the fellow drivers back at the dispatch center.  But I couldn’t do anything about under tipping.

OK here is the crazy part.  When we returned I went to drop another tip ($5 this time) into the shuttle driver’s tip jar, I noticed there was already an origami fish in it.  I think my first $1 fish became the tip to encourage more tips in the future.  What better way to encourage more tips with a dollar origami fish.



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