$5 Easy Money Origami Shirt

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This is such an easy money origami shirt. You could use any bill, seriously all rectangular currency works.  I use a $5 US bill because 1. I am in the US, so it’s readily available and 2. when the whole thing is finished the design looks like a crazy shirt out of the 80s. — Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man! (that’s an 80s song by ZZ Topp for those of you too young to know that).  Now some people would rather not fold real money into origami.  And I get that (it is hard-earned cash)  so you can always purchase play money for this from Amazon  Pretend Dollar Bills works good for this, or if you are teaching a group of kids and don’t wish to give out $5 per kiddo.  (We may receive a compensation when you purchase through our links)


It uses the pattern to make it “rad”

This origami is a good example of using the pattern on a bill to make a better design.   Often, though, things don’t line up.  Fortunately, they look great in this one.  – Living in a material world. (that’s another 80s tune people, Madonna) —  I have used this as a gift for nephews during their big moments.  And this  money origami shirt has the advantage of being flat when finished, a bonus for mailing.  This is a feature I look for often since several family members live out of state.

You’ll need the video

This model is easy and based on the popular t-shirt origami using a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper.   Making the sleeves can be a little bit tricky since you are creating several creases that will be guides for a pull out and then squash fold.  The video will be a huge help at that point.  – Video killed the radio star! Video killed the radio star    (yeah, I should take my 80s karaoke in the other room).

Keep folding life into better things, OrigamiFoodie

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How to video and tips to fodl this easy money origami shirt. Kinda 80s rad looking right? | FaVe Mom

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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