4 Dollar Bill Origami Graduation Money Gift Ideas

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4 easy to make ideas for dollar origami graduation money gift ideas with video tutorials and step by step instructions to follow along. Make these for a quick grad gift. #graduategifts #graduation #moneygiftideas #giftideas

4 Graduation Money Gift Ideas using Dollar Bill Origami

1. A Graduation Cap

This is by far my favorite money gift idea for a high school graduate.  A mortar board cap (that’s what it is called you know).  If you want you can roll a bill up like a scroll and have it be a diploma on the side.  Follow alone to my dollar origami graduation cap video tutorial

Dollar ORigami Graduation cap sitting on green paper with other dollar bills

2. A Money Bowtie

This one is a fun one for your graduate that is a Dr. Who fan.  While the current Dr. Who is played by Jodie Whittaker, this bowtie harks back to the time of Matt Smith (the 11th doctor).  This is one of the easiest dollar bill origami fold out there.  You can even get it in origami apps cause it is so easy to model.  Below are my video tutorial instructions.  You can also use this bow tie to be strung together into a bow-tie lei.  You can see several examples on our Pinterest board.

3. A $20 Dress

Now if  you thought the last suggestion wouldn’t work for your girlie-girlie graduate, this one is perfect for her.  You can make it in two styles sleeves or no sleeves.  I prefer the sleeves since it looks retro 50s that way.  You can watch the video in my Money Origami Dress Post.

money origami dress

4. A Shirt

Since your grad is probably about to lose their shirt on college tuition you could give them a new one for a gift.  This one is also really good for business graduates.  Cause they are gonna become a “suit”.  And it’s so easy it’s just fun to make.


Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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