20 Amazing Disney Recipes Including Some Faves

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20 Amazing Disney Recipes

20 Amazing Disney Recipes
20 Amazing Disney Recipes

Since debarking from the Disney Wonder for #DisneySMMC, I’ve been dreaming of returning to Disney World. I have a family to support, so I can’t just leave and go on vacation at any point in time. These 20 Amazing Disney Recipes will hep me feel the pixie dusted magic of#DisneySMMC in the meantime while I wait to return to Disney World.

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats – Eclectic Mom Sense – Every single person I know absolutely loves rice krispy treats. These are super easy to make any time and don’t require a lot of skill or time. This is one of those Disney Recipes you’ll keep around for years.

Elsa’s Icy Blue Dessert Trifle – Mom Endeavors – Now I’m personally not a gelatin fan but, my kids love this sort of thing. Hop on over to Mom Endeavors blog for some other cool Frozen ideas.

Beauty and the Beast Cupcakes – Lady Behind the Curtain –  Sheryl made the cutest toppers for cupcakes. The great thing about her toppers are that you can use them later on a necklace and they are the cutest keepsakes.

Copycat Dole Pineapple Whip – Cincy Shopper – So, I add RUM to this because Disneyland doesn’t have Dole Pineapple Whip with Rum, but this is my favorite of all Disney Recipes of all time.

Mickey’s Churro Cookies – As the Bunny Hops

Mickey Mouse Belgian Waffles with Berry Compote – The Disney Chef – This Disney Recipe requires a little bit more skill but, is oh so yummy. This was inspired from the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

‘The Grey Stuff’ Oreo Mousse – For the Love of Food – This one is great or try our Beauty and the Beast Grey Stuff Disney Recipe.

Mickey Mouse Oreos – Mommy Travels – If you don’t like Oreos, I’m not sure how we’re friends. These are fun to make but, if you’re a perfectionist, it’ll be a long night.

Chocolate Hunny Pots with Honey Mousse – Sugar Hero – These THINGS ARE AMAZING! The end. Love Disney recipes like this one right here.

Maleficent Cupcakes – POPSUGAR Food – No recipe here, looks like some Fondant work is involved.

Monsters Inc. Oreo Pops – Mom Endeavors – Sara did a great job with this one. So, fun and easy to make.

Finding Dory Punch – Lemon Lime Adventures – Kids will love this Disney Recipe a lot and it’s so super simple.

Disneyland’s Monte Cristo Recipe – Disney Food Blog – I’ve not had a good Monte Cristo since I left California. Which is why this amazing recipe from Disneyland’s Blue Bayou hits the spot perfectly.

Frozen Marshmallow Pops – Thrifty DIY Diva – I don’t like marshmallows at all but, my children love them.

Copycat Disneyland Pommes Frites – Lady Behind the Curtain – The scrumdealiumptios fries can be found at Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. They also have an amazing Monte Cristo. Disneyland I miss you.

Disney Pumpkin Muffins – Six Sisters Stuff – I love pumpkin muffins especially when I feel like I’m back at Disney World.

Mickey Mouse Cake – Thats What Che Said – Cheryl makes this almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST!

Copycat Disneyland Mac & Cheese – Family Food Fun – MY FAVE FOOD ON THE PLANET. For real. It’s super easy to make and super yummy.

Disney’s Moana Fruit Punch – Enza’s Bargains – No ONE is allowed to give this to my children until they substitute real fruit juice for the Hawaiian Punch but, it’s just as delicious that way.

Cinderella Magic Wand Rice Krispie Treats – Mom Endeavors – Cute, whimsical and fun.

What are some of your favorite Disney Recipes?



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