Disney is one of our favorite things on earth. We absolutely love all things Disney. Disney4Shore is our designated Disney writer while Fave Mom and Origami Foodie will share things as well.

THOR:RAGNAROK #ThorRagnarok 

THOR:RAGNAROK THOR:RAGNAROK hits theaters on November 3, 2017 THOR:RAGNAROK tickets went on sale last week for THOR:RAGNAROK #ThorRagnarok, Marvel Studios'

Summer FaVes For Me!

SUMMER FAVES FOR ME Summer Faves   Summer comes in like a caterpillar and out like a butterfly! Summer has

BLACK PANTHER New Poster #BlackPanther

BLACK PANTHER #BlackPanther This new poster for Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER is amazing! Black Panther New Poster #BlackPanther - click

Coordinate Your Favorite Place

Coordinate Your Favorite Place in a tattoo or a piece of jewelry. Ok, so I'm usually the one that writes
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