Disney Parks Moms Panel Hopeful 2018

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Why does the Disney Parks Moms Panel mean so much to me, and why do I want to be part of it? Why do I keep applying year, after year, after year, for going on 11 years? What is the Disney Parks Moms Panel?

Let me try to bring you into my story for this post, my dream, and why I keep trying.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Disney Parks Moms Panel or DPMP, it is a resource panel of Disney expert Moms and Dads, that answer your every question pertaining to everything Disney. Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, Disney Vacation Club, Disney Cruise Line, runDisney, and language specialists as well. They are here to help you plan every aspect of your magical Disney vacation.From where to meet characters, parade times, navigating FastPass+, My Disney Experience app on your mobile device or computer. Anything you can think of, they have that covered too.

So why does it have such an incredible hold on me every year since 2007 come September-November? This is the application period, along with thousands of other Disney fans, experts, first time applicants and applicants that have been trying for many years. For different folks it means different things, for me it means everything.

I’m a retired Kindergarten teacher with two College aged boys who grew up Disney. From 6 months of age, 19 years of experiences to create our families Disney story, and another 20+ with my extended family and multi-generational trips with grandparents, nieces and nephews. Girlfriend trips and Mom and me trips.Every trip unforgettable for different reasons, but all magical just the same.

I’ve run 14 runDisney races, taken 5 Disney Cruise Line cruises, and visited and stayed at both Disney Vacation Club Beach Resorts. We have visited Walt Disney World Resort and stayed on property every trip, from spending an incredible vacation under the stars in a tent, stayed at moderate resorts as well as Deluxe resorts,and in Concierge Level rooms, all incredible experiences. But,like I mentioned,I can’t get enough of what made me that enchanted wide eyed child.

My Disney story happened way before this. In 1973, my family of 5 siblings( we have 7,two weren’t born yet) and my parents visited Walt Disney World Resort for our first time. We stayed at Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground in a motor coach. This new world, this magical place, this kingdom beyond my wildest 7 year old dreams,was coming true. And that started my passion for Disney.

I was married in 1993 and took my husband Dan on his first trip to Walt Disney World, he knew why every time I spoke about Disney, I had that magic sparkle in my eye, he got me, he got it.

Fast forward 42 years and my desire to learn everything there is to learn about Disney, experience everything there is to experience and yes, trying to become part of that DPMP world is all  part of my continuing Disney story.

Do I know everything there is to know about Disney? Am I more qualified than the other applicants? Why me?

I’m none of those things, except just Ellen. I have those years of unforgettable moments, indescribable feelings and that desire to help others have those same experiences. But, so do thousands of others, visiting many more times than I have and experienced much more than I have. So what’s the secret to being chosen to serve on the DPMP? No one knows,except the Selection Team that reads every application and chooses who fits in the magic puzzle of Moms,Dads Grandparents, even Aunts and Uncles.

So I think the question I ask myself each year when applying is, why not me, why not this year, why not…. if you don’t take chances you will never gain rewards.

Here’s to wishing on that second star to the right and straight until I am the chosen one among the thousands of stars!



I live between our Nation's Capital and North Carolina, love daisies, giraffes, purple, polka dots, Diet Mountain Dew, Doritos, and guns. Not necessarily in that order. I know that I’m very unoriginal and fit most cliches. I won’t try to deny it if you ask me. Ill-advised, indiscreet, and injudicious individuals infuriate I.