THOR:RAGNAROK #ThorRagnarok 

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THOR:RAGNAROK hits theaters on November 3, 2017

THOR:RAGNAROK tickets went on sale last week for THOR:RAGNAROK #ThorRagnarok, Marvel Studios’ action packed, powerful, and highly anticipated new film. Staring  Chris Hemsworth (Thor) , Cate Blanchett (Hela), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) just to name a few of the incredible talents and fantastical actors and actresses that make this film come to life!

Advance tickets went on sale this morning for Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated THOR: RAGNAROK, which opens in theaters everywhere on November 3rd! Tickets are available wherever tickets are sold.

To celebrate THORsday, new character posters are also now available. Feel free to click on the image to download an image in full resolution. THOR:RAGNAROK #ThorRagnarok is set to be a major hit and every true Marvel fan will be lined up early to see this amazing movie. Thor’s hammer doesn’t need to be swung for you to know that we’ll be front and center in theaters on November 3, 2017. Let us know which character you’re most excited to see. For us we’re pretty excited about Valkyrie, Hela and Odin. All of them are great but we’re excited to see what they are going to bring to this galaxy and dimension. With such great female characters hitting the screen in this action packed Marvel movie, we just can’t help but, have high hopes for female leads to come later on down the road from this franchise. Which female Marvel characters would you most like to have their own movie? I for one am thrilled about Valkyrie and now I want to see Jean Grey come to life. Marvel is giving all of us female superhero fans a lot to look forward to.

Just released character posters are beyond imagination and will have you wishing you could ask Iron Man, Tony Stark,  just why that strand of Thor’s hair was so important to hold on to…….. to be continued November 3, 2017!


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THOR: RAGNAROK opens in theaters everywhere November 3rd!



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