Questions for Goblin at Gringott’s Money Exchange

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When my family visited Universal Orlando Resort for the first time we completely skipped the Gringotts Money Exchange.  Not the Escape from Gringotts ride, but the little space off to the side that has a goblin in it and you can get some Gringotts bank notes, The Gringotts Money Exchange.  I completely thought, “what a waste of time and money.”  Then someone clued me into the fact you can ask a goblin a question.

You can still get banknotes there from Gringotts which can be used at Universal Orlando resort, in DIagon Alley, to purchase souvenirs.  They are not above taking your money. If you want a detailed bit on the pros and cons of getting the money check out this article .  I want to talk to you about how to enjoy the space for free.  And that is by asking the Goblin a really good question.

Why does it matter what question you ask the Goblin?

Actually it doesn’t matter if you are just there to get Gringotts bank notes.  If you are looking for some entertainment while you do that you will prefer to ask a good question.

What makes a good question for the Goblin?

At the Gringotts Money Exchange, you only get to ask one question of the goblin because there is usually a line and the Goblins are rather curmudgeonly.  They chat about as much as my husband (sorry honey). So you should plan your question. A good questions gets a good response. The Goblin is animatronic and has several set pat answers.  Those are no fun. But if you are careful you can ask something that gets a different response.

TIP:  Speak up or the goblin won’t hear you over the crowd and then you’ll get no response.  No room for shy visitors there.

My top 5 questions to ask the Goblin at Gringott’s Money Exchange?

I got these ideas with the help of my Universal VIP tour guide, so i can’t take complete credit for all this creativity though we did come up with a few on our own.

5. Has Gringott’s had a break in? Answer: “I won’t dignify that with a response”

4. What’s your name? Answer: “You may call me, ‘Sir'”

3. How old are you? Answer: “Old Enough”

2. Do you know Harry Potter? Answer “I don’t concern myself with the whereabouts of the banks customers no matter how famous they may be”

1. “Are you a House Elf?” Answer: –I am not giving this away, sorry!

And if you want a particularly long answer ask, “Where are we?”  He’ll define the purpose of the gringott’s bank for you.

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Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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