Origami Ring Holder Dish Folding Instructions

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This origami tutorial is in what I would call the beginner level.  There are no reverse folds or rabbit-earing.  It’s all straight mountain and valley folds.  So it’s simple for anyone to make an origami ring holder dish.

Supplies you will need to make an Origami Ring Holder Dish:

  • 9 inch by 9 inch piece of paper or vinyl is best, but 6 by 6 works too. Don’t go much smaller
  • this video
  • and some patience
  • a ring to toss in at the end
How to fold an origami ring holder dish
origami ring dish on the left is made from vinyl, the one on the right from paper

Can origami be made from things other than paper?

Yes,  that’s probably not strictly origami, but I think we are breaking the mold with origami these days.  IN fact in this video I show you an origami ring holder I made from vinyl.  It works well for next to the sink so it can get wet and still be usable.  IF you do use vinyl make sure to do a 9 inch by 9 inch size.  The folds are thicker with vinyl and you will want to extra room.

I used rice paper, plastic, seaweed (that one didn’t work so well) and vinyl.  I think if it is flat pliable go ahead and fold it.  Worst case it won’t turn out.  Granted almost all origami is meant to be done with paper.  And that’s the beauty of this, it’s low supply needs.  Talk about your minimalist hobbies.

Check out my pinterest of origami towels if you are interested in other medium origami ideas.

How to fold an origami ring holder dish | FAvemom.comSome people also use this as an egg holder at Easter.  You an totally do that, but honestly I haven’t found much practical use for that.  We either keep eggs in the fridge and don’t need anything but the egg carton or we are using them for cooking.  i don’t display eggs.  Now if I make Ukrainian Christmas eggs I would totally use this as an egg display.  But that is waaaay beyond my skill level

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Make this easy to fold origami ring holder dish from a single sheet of paper.  Follow the video tutorial for all the how step by step instructions.  #faemom #origamifoodie #origami #paperfolding #papercraft #origamiring #easyorigami

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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