Origami Gift Box

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There is this peculiar practice that seems to indicate if you are a good friend or not.  It’s the practice of remembering birthdays. This particular practice is not my friend strength.  Despite the fact that there are google calendars and facebook even tells me half the time when someone’s birthday is, I repeatedly forget to wish my friends a happy birthday on their birthday.  Let alone purchase a gift, take them to lunch or make it eventful.  I do fairly good at remembering the birthdays of nieces and nephews since I can get away with mailing some origami money gift.  But for friends I want to do a bit something more cause a cash gift is pretty impersonal.  

So I was rather proud of myself when I remembered a friend’s birthday and actually purchased a little bracelet set for her.  I got it home all ready to give it to her and realized I failed to purchase any method to give it to her.  I am also not one of those people that has lots of pretty boxes and bows on hand for my wrapping station (we don’t even have one of those in December).  Thus I began folding an origami gift box.  This fold has been around for who knows how long.  It’s been the means of recycling Christmas cards, programs and just about anything else into a useful piece.    

The trick with this box is that you need a paper that is large enough to be folded down to hold the gift.  Practically speaking, items larger than jewelry probably won’t fit in the origami box.  But it holds the origami graduate cap gift really well (if you want a good way to give that).  So unless you keep large butcher paper rolls on hand, you’ll probably want to stick to just putting small items in an origami box.  Unfortuately I realized I could make the box, but I didn’t have a bow to put on it.  In the end, she got the box with the bracelets….Here’s to trying to be a “good”  friend.

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

I live in the mountains of Utah. Yes, I am also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I love hot pink, XC skiing, running, hot chocolate, yoga, romance novels,traveling for fun, volunteering and, of course, origami. I am a woman, a mom, a wife and a daughter of God. I believe that everything tastes better with a little bacon or a little chocolate but not both.