Hack Your Furnace Filter

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OK I wish I could say that I am one of those people that took on a super huge new years resolution, but I didn’t.  Actually that’s not true, I hope to lose weight this year (again). But to get my whole story on resolutions verses hopes check out the blog post Resolve to Hope .  Anyway, I wanted to simplify one or two things last year that always create an additional stops and effort.  This is when I discovered Filter Easy to save me one more stop at Home Depot for furnace air filters.

We did not receive free product for this review, it is my own opinion.  The following article does contain affiliate links. That means you can support our site by clicking a link and purchasing an item.  FaveMom.com will receive a commission for any purchases made through our links. But as always, there is no obligation, and our opinions of the products are our own.  

OK, first off let me explain I am not a Home Depot shopper.  The place makes me feel like I should do all sorts of home improvement.  And sure I had my “I am gonna do home improvements like a weekend warrior”  phase. It has ended. I realize that 1. My marriage won’t last through another tile job and 2. Contractors do it better 3.  I actually hate home improvement work (I seriously don’t understand that thing people say about, “don’t you feel so good completing it and knowing you did it? –No I don’t! I complete it and think, “that would have been done better, in half the time and I could have enjoyed the last 4 weeks of my life”–  Anyway, now I don’t do home improvement unless I have to!!! So going to Home Depot is a rare occasion. Thus getting home filters always required a special trip to Home Depot.

My sister in law once told me that everyone stayed healthier in her house if she bought really good filters and changed it every month in the winter.  I can’t honestly say I have tried that or support the method. But I do know that several furnace repair men have told me that my old-crude furnace needs to have low grade quality filters.  Weird right? Turns out the furnace is low in efficiency and the thick allergen preventing filters make it less efficient. This is probably not true for most furnaces. But I did want to change my filter at regular intervals.

I don’t change my furnace filter every month like my sister in law.  I was doing it every 3 months until we ended up needing a repair because I wasn’t emptying the filter often enough.  So now I opt for every 2 months. Put that in my ToDoist App and every 2 months it pops up that I should put a new filter in.

No Problem, Right?

I didn’t have a furnace filter around.  I had to go buy one to stay on schedule.  So I tried buying multiple at one time and having several on hand.  That seems a reasonable solution right? Wrong. Someone seemed to think the furnace filter needed changing more often and 4 months of filters was gone through in about 2 months.  What is with that??? I decided that this wasn’t going to work either.

It was about this time I learned about Filter Easy (because I was looking up buying filters on Amazon for 2 day delivery–BTW they didn’t have ones priced reasonably at the time).  So filter easy is this simple filter mail subscription. Seriously. I pick the frequency (every 2 months). They mail the chosen filter.  

Thus far I have been very happy. I mean very happy.  I don’t have to even have “change filter” in my to do list.  Filter Easy sends it and when it arrives I put it in. Finally a subscription service I fully support.  The price is higher than I would pay if I went to the home improvement store about $15 per filter. But for the mental freedom and the lack of actually going into a Lowe’s feels like a good trade to me.  

If you wanna check out the Filter Easy Furnace Filter Subscription service out, please do.   Just one more way to make life a touch easier in the new year.

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Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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