Top Disney Dos for Young Adults

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Top Disney Dos for Young Adults are super important,and as the holidays  approach, I think back to the memories made along every step of the way at Walt Disney World Resort with my two boys. From the time they were infants, toddlers, school aged, tweens, teens, and now young adults. Wow, time flies, and where did it fly off too? Neverland I suppose, and while flying there we made magical moments become unforgettable memories.

Top Disney Dos for Young Adults
Top Disney Dos for Young Adults because these littles grow into young adults in the blink of an eye

I thought it would be fitting to follow up on my last article on “showing your age” at Walt Disney World Resort, and came up with a list of experiences and activities my boys love to do now. Hoping these will be on your list too when you visit with your older teens and young adults in your family group.

1. Resort Choice

I let my boys choose the resort we are going to stay at while vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort. I give them parameters, such as value, moderate, deluxe or Club Level Deluxe, and let them work it out where they would like to stay. This gets them into the magic of planning right from the start!

2. FastPass+ Reservations

My boys get the My Disney Experience App on their cell phone and when it’s time to book those FastPass+ times, they are off and running. All four parks, and everyday while we are there, they reserve the rides and attractions that they both want to experience. My husband and I go with the flow, it’s all good for us as long as they are having fun with it. It forces them to communicate with each other,and decide together on which day we will visit which parks too.

3. Dining Reservations

The boys book these too, they both like certain restaurants, so they each get to split the days and book away. Most nights we are eating in Epcot since it seems to be their favorite place to grab grub, but there are other nights that we eat at the resorts ,where our favorite restaurants are located,and this gives us all a chance to experience a little bit of everything!

After a long day, taking a break in Epcot!

He is smiling inside….. he brings in out for Snap Chat!

4. Let Them Go

Yes, they are old enough at 18 and 19 to spend time with each other using their hopper ticket to visit all four theme parks in one day if they want( it’s a challenge for them) , they like to just hit all the coasters in the parks on one day,and then meet back up at our resort to “chill” in the sun( oxymoron)! Some of the best stories come out of the time they spend together, it makes us happy that they get to have this time to bond as brothers. Life gets in the way and sometimes we lose that….

Jack just showing his age!!

5. Water Parks

It wouldn’t be a Walt Disney World Resort vacation without a visit to one of the two water parks on property. Typhoon Lagoon is my boys  first choice, but if it’s closed, Blizzard Beach is  “cool” with them. They ride the “extreme ” rides or hang in the wave pool, waiting to surf the “big kahuna”, while we enjoy the luxury of a Beachcomber Shack Cabana rental, and enjoy some quiet time, and some cold drinks in the shade. These cabanas can accommodate up to 10 guests, so for the four of us, it’s quite comfortable with Adirondack chairs and lounges, towels, refillable water park mugs, safe for cell phones and wallets, as well as a cooler full of bottled water and waiter service for lunch. It’s well worth the cost for some R&R!

Beachcomber Shake #10 is our favorite!

6. Gym

Both of my boys don’t miss a day at the gym or a run, so a resort with both is preferable to them,and does come into their decision making. It gives them time to keep their workout schedule, and it also gives them time to hang out and just do what they do. We love to explore the resorts  we are staying at and we spend quite a bit of time between park visits,back at the room,or around the themed resort property walking around,and taking in the architecture and nature around us.

7. Water Sports

Our boys love to head out to Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon to do some outdoor recreation. Fishing Excursions ( they catch a ton of fish),Sea Raycer by Sea Ray® – seats up to 2 Guests; $32 per half-hour.
Climb aboard and have a blast on these mini-speedboats. Drivers must be at least 12 years of age and at least 5 feet tall. Younger Guests may ride as passengers. Maximum weight: 320 pounds. Parent or guardian signature required for all drivers 12 to 18 years of age. This is a must do on every trip, they love to explore the waterways on their own and they are well supervised by lifeguards in motor boats  patrolling the area. Believe me, they let you know if your not obeying the rules while boating on these waterways. For the safety of all recreational guests and guests using Disney water taxi.

Sea Raycers at Disney’s Fort Wilderness and Campground!

8. Activities Outside of Parks

Golf Cart rentals if staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is another favorite. They can drive the golf cart themselves, head out to the boat launch, the running paths, Meadows Trading Post, or Pioneer Hall for some grub. The golf cart seats all four of us nicely and it gives them the chance to explore the resort on their own as well, get back and forth to park transportation and head out to see a movie under the stars complete with popcorn and s’mores, on open pit fires. This has become a fan favorite resort for so many reasons, but the golf cart is a big plus!

9. Golf

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course has also become a favorite for the boys and Dad, they get an early tee time and are back by lunch to relax at the resort, and have some down time. This course is designed in classic Tour style, a championship course,and is the largest of the Walt Disney World Resort golf courses. They even meet some wildlife while on the course, a few times ones with big teeth. It’s a great experience for the three of them to share,and I enjoy my sunning by the pool with a great book, or swim some laps.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course!! I spy with my little eye… a Mickey head!

These are just the top 9 things my young adults like to do to “show their age”, there are so many other experiences ,and each family can make their Walt Disney World Resort vacation  with this age group custom made for them. It just takes a little planning and giving them the controls to navigate.

Let them go and you’ll be surprised by all the magical adventures they will make.



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