Surprise Baby Shower for Two Cancer Surviving Moms

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Have you ever tried to throw a surprise baby shower for two cancer surviving moms that is to be hosted by Giuliana Rancic, Fab-U-Wish, & Bright Pink?  The most recent winners of Fab-U-Wish were going to get the surprise of a lifetime. Well, if you’ve ever tried to pull something like this off, you know it’s not easy. Giuliana Rancic was on a mission with Bright Pink and I was honored that I was going to be the driving force behind the scenes. You all know FaVeMom is the behind the scenes gal, if you don’t, now you do. The companies that are donating want to shout it from the rooftops that they are supporting such a great cause and you, yourself want to reveal what you’re doing because you’re beyond thrilled and bouncing around like Tigger about the whole idea. I needed to reach out to companies and ask them to donate, but I also would be telling them that not ONE WORD could be breathed about it until after the baby shower. That’s not how it generally works in the baby industry, just so you know. LOL

Sarah, Giuliana & Adrienne at their surprise Baby Shower!

A few months ago I received a phone call from a friend about throwing a baby shower for two cancer surviving moms who found out they were expecting their babies and that they had cancer at the same time. I can’t even imagine what they went through but, I’m happy to report that both women have beautiful baby boys and are cancer free to my knowledge. I received the phone call before the below happened. (Yes, I kept it a secret that LONG!!!)

The latest winners of Fab-U-WishTM will finally meet in person after months of emails, tweets and phone calls as the strong-willed twosome supported each other as they both underwent cancer treatment while expecting their first children.

Over a three-way video chat, the pair had the opportunity to bond with G over their shared experiences of breast cancer diagnoses and the blissful welcoming of healthy babies.

“Sarah and Adrienne have been through unimaginable circumstances at such a young age yet they still manage to be each other’s support system without ever having met in person,” the Fashion Police host said in a statement. “I feel incredibly honored to be the one to bring them face-to-face for the first time and can’t wait for these two lovely young women to experience a fabulous weekend with me in Chicago.”

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Surprise Baby Shower for Two Cancer Surviving Moms hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Be Bright Pink

Rancic teamed up with Bright Pink founder and CEO Lindsay Avner to launch Fab-U-WishTM after publicly battling breast cancer, with hopes of providing other women an opportunity for their own “fab therapy.”

“I’m grateful to be where I am today – a new mother, feeling strong and healthy and in a position to help other women now going through what I did,” Rancic said. “Along with my friend Lindsay Avner and the team at Bright Pink, I hope to pay it forward and become a “fairy godmother” to other women by establishing Fab-U-WishTM. I sure know firsthand that a little bit of fabulous can go a long way to keep you feeling bright during some of the darkest days.”

Sarah, Giuliana & Adrienne at their surprise Baby Shower!

I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone about it. However, I had to be very careful who I told about it, so that these mom’s would have the surprise baby shower of their lives. People don’t intentionally ruin surprises, but if you’re not careful the world would quickly know that a baby shower was in the works.

So, I called up Hostess with the Mostess, because Jenn is the go to gal for all party decorations. She pulled these printables together in no time flat and I worked closely with Carli from Bright Pink to make sure things would go off without a hitch. When you’re planning something from California, to be done in Chicago, that you’ve not actually held in your hands; you just have to throw your hands up in the air, say a few prayers, and run with it. Giuliana Rancic was going to be spending the weekend with Sarah and Adrienne which was in of itself, an amazing thing for these two lovely women. However, I’m pretty sure I did a good job of keeping the Surprise Baby Shower a secret.

The decor turned out lovely and as soon as I saw photos of the tables and printables I just knew things would be a success. However, I was still curious as to whether or not the gals would like their goodies.

All of my fears and concerns about throwing a baby shower from thousands of miles away without me physically placing everything myself were put to ease when I saw the below photograph on the Facebook page. These moms were clearly surprised and excited about their baby shower. I can’t think of two more deserving individuals and I can honestly say, that I’m am honored to have a been a part of it. Giuliana Rancic is an inspiration to us all to be aware of cancer. BrightPink is a reminder to be proactive and take preventative measures when you can.

Chances are that cancer has affected someone you know, someone you care about, and someone you’re close to at some point in time. So, be aware and be advised. Know your options and what you’re up against. Not every cancer story ends with a happy success story. However, I’m hoping and praying that they find a cure to cancer soon. In the meantime, stay informed.

Congratulations Sarah and Adrienne on beating cancer and giving birth to two beautiful and healthy baby boys. I’m so honored that I was a small part of your baby shower. All three of you are inspiration to women around the globe.

Often times I don’t talk about what I’m working on until after the fact. Sometimes it’s because of surprises and other times it’s just because I need time to process how amazing some of the things are that I am so very blessed and fortunate enough to be a part of and this weekend was no exception. I’m so glad that the event was a success and that two deserving women received amazing items from Stork Sak, Joovy, baby Jack blankets, Summer Infant, and so many more.



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