Once in a Lifetime Only Happens Once!

My favorite once in a lifetime moments, because once in a lifetime, only happens once.

Once in a lifetime only happens once. There are those moments when we realize that once in a lifetime only happens once. These are the moments we may re-visit, but at that moment they are where your adventure begins.

Some of those moments for me are too numerous to count, and I’m truly grateful for each and everyone of them. So since this week has been full of once in a lifetime events, I thought I would reflect on my faves!

Here are my top 10:

  1. Being adopted and belonging to a family of seven siblings, 15 nieces and nephews, and my parents. For my biological mother that gave me life.
  2. Growing up on the water… it’s where we made so many memories and once in a lifetime moments.
  3. College and my BS degree in education and psychology.
  4. Meeting the love of my life at 17, marrying him at 27 and celebrating our 24th Anniversary this month.
  5. Becoming a Mom.My boys.. my whole world, my heart. Worth every second I get to spend with them.
  6. First visit to Walt Disney World Resort and the last 40 years of doing it all over again with my husband and my boys.
  7. Watching my sons every sports event, academic achievements and numerous school happenings.
  8. My sons Graduations from High School. Proud isn’t enough to say how I felt for this once in a lifetime moment.
  9. Friends made along this journey…. some of the best.
  10. Family, Faith and Forever…. moments that bring us together so we can have these once in a lifetime moments.

For those who realize that once in a lifetime happens only once!


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