My #DisneySide Home Celebration Party 2015

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My #DisneySide Home Celebration Party 2015

They Fisher-Price Lady and the Tramp Toy couldn’t be any cuter. we all remember the spaghetti scene. #DisneySide Home Celebration

Disclaimer: I received free products in order to facilitate and host my #DisneySide @Home Celebration Party in 2015. This party was made possible by my wonderful family and by contributions from,, Carmen Navarro Designs, Disney Parks and Mom Select.  Thank you.  Thanks to your generosity I was able to host a magical #DisneySide Home Celebration party. All opinions expressed or implied are my own. 

I had the most fun hosting my #DisneySide Home Celebration Party in 2015 and will be hosting another #DisneySide party in May. Just one hint regarding the theme, “May the 4th Be With You!”

They Fisher-Price Lady and the Tramp Toy couldn’t be any cuter. we all remember the spaghetti scene. #DisneySide Home Celebration

My 60th Diamond Anniversary for Lady and the Tramp and Disneyland #DisneySide Home Celebration Party 2015

When it came time to host my #DisneySide Home Celebration Party in 2015, I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to show my #DisneySide. All I knew for sure is that I wanted it to be different. My friend Michaelyn from mentioned the 60th Disneyland Celebration and a Vintage party. I thought about Vintage movies and realized that Lady and the Tramp is 60 years old this year too. When you think about it, almost every single Disney party you can think of or think up has been done over and over again. I was going to combine my love of Lady and The Tramp and Disneyland and celebrate my #DisneySide in a completely unique and different fashion.

I love our #DisneySide Home Celebration Party Table

The beautiful printables were designed by my BFF Jill from and printed on various HP Printer Paper and with an HP Printer. Follow HP on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and Create Memories You Keep and share and follow along with #CMYK. I purchased the dog bowls from Dollar Tree for a $1 a piece. The graham cracker doggie biscuits were put into the adorable box I received from Disney Parks and Mom Select. See the rest of the items I received by watching my children share what was inside of the #DisneySide Home Celebration Party Box. Lady’s dog bowl was filled with Hershey Kisses that were adorned with Diamond Printable stickers in pink, hot pink and purple. Tramp’s Bowl was filled with Kibbles & Bits (Munchies) and were gone by the end of the party. The water bottles have Lady & The Tramp Printables with a Diamond Dog Collar instead of the golden pendant in honor of their Diamond Anniversary of course. The cupcakes had wrappers designed like the present that Mr. Darling gave Mrs. Darling that Lady was inside of. It was topped with cupcake toppers that were two sided. One side was the same photo of Lady and the Tramp with the Diamond Dog Collar and the other side said Happy 60th Anniversary Lady & Tramp. We framed photos of Lady & Tramp and we let our Disney Princess Palace Pets Daisy from Rapunzel celebrate too. Even Si & Am the villainous Siamese cats even celebrated. Water was flavored with fruit and kept cold with Oriental Trading’s diamond shaped ice cubes all while looking fancy in my Anchor Hocking Beverage Dispenser which is proudly Made in the USA.

Love our #DisneySide Home Celebration Banner printed from HP Printer and on HP Paper. @MyPrintly #DisneySide #CMYK

I love my banner so much. Jill took my idea and created it as if she were inside of my head. Carmen did an amazing job of placing everything beautifully and bringing all of the beautiful canisters and flowers. You can rent them from her if you’re in the Southern California area for a very affordable fee.

I love our #DisneySide Home Celebration Party Table including Tramp and Lady’s dog bowls. 🙂

Our tablescape was adorned with the stuffing from inside of the #DisneySide Home Celebration Party Box from Disney Parks and Mom Select along with the adorable Fisher-Price Little People Disney Movie Moments: Lady and The Tramp toy. This #DisneySide Home Celebration Party Tablescape wouldn’t have been complete without the items from Oriental Trading. Their purple dessert plates, diamond ring key chains (we used as napkin holders, hot pink luncheon napkins, and hot pink striped paper straws. The straws were placed in the mason jars that my friend Jill brought over and the dessert plates were placed on Jill’s heart shaped plates.

Check out this amazing #DisneySide Table Setting for the 60th Diamond Anniversary of Lady and the Tramp.

My husband just bought me the most beautiful purple orchid for Valentine’s Day. The other floral arrangements were created by Carmen. The pink juice really made the table pop along with the purple packing paper that was in the #DisneySide Home Celebration Party Box, that I never thought in a million years would be used.

Check out my beautiful #DisneySide Tablescape for our Home Celebration.

I love my Beverage Dispenser and since it was dog themed, BOWater made a lot of since. Like Bow-Wow. Get it? HAHA Carmen added the flowers and diamond decorations for an elegant look.

My #DisneySide Home Celebration Fruit Infused Water for the 60th Diamond Anniversary of Lady and the Tramp.

Jill created signs for me that I framed and Carmen added flowers so it looked beautiful as a focal point.

Our custom framed photo printed on HP Paper and designed by Jill at looked wonderful framed. @MyPrintly #DisneySide #CMYK

Most kids love doggie biscuits and they were placed in one of Carmen’s beautiful glass jars. The black galvanized tags with twine were from Target in the dollar bins.

Graham Cracker Doggie Biscuits looked adorable at our #DisneySide Home Celebration Party 2015.

Here is a close up shot of the doggie biscuit graham crackers in the Disney Daisy and Minnie Mouse Favor Cups.

Doggie Biscuits (Graham Crackers) in our #DisneySide Home Celebration Minnie Mouse and Daisy Favor Containers.


The multi-colored Twizzlers look just like chew toys and the kids all loved them. They were gone by the end of the night.

Check out our chew toys, doggie biscuits, and photographs of Lady and the Tramp. #DisneySide Home Celebration

The water bottle labels were printed on sticker paper to make it super easy to apply them. They turned out so cute. I love all of the hot pink hearts.

HP Printed Water Bottle Labels for our #DisneySide Home Celebration 60th Diamond Anniversary Lady & The Tramp Party. @MyPrintly #DisneySide #CMYK

The cupcakes look like a present. 🙂 They were decorated on both sides. The other side said Happy 60th Anniversary Lady & Tramp.

Aren’t our #DisneySide Home Celebration Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Check out how we replaced the gold pendant with a diamond in honor of their 60th anniversary.

The gift bags are regular brown paper lunch bags with an adorable sticker that has a hot pink silhouette of Lady and The Tramp.

Check out the @MyPrintly #DisneySide #CMYK Printables for my cute and adorable doggie bags.

Lady and The Tramp were celebrating their Diamond Anniversary so their collars got an upgrade and they shared a cupcake between the two.

Check out our #DisneySide Home Celebration Cupcake wrappers that look like the present that Lady was in at Christmas time. @MyPrintly #DisneySide #CMYK

Lady’s got swagger and lots of bling with her huge diamond ring collar. Isn’t she just the most adorable dog you’ve ever seen?

Lady gets a Diamond for her Diamond Jubilee Anniversary with Tramp. #DisneySide Home Celebration

Carmen brought the beautiful white cupcake platters and flowers. The cupcakes looked so cute and were absolutely yummy.

Check out Lady and the Tramp with their adorable cupcake that looks like the present that Lady was delivered to Mr. and Mrs. Darling in. Such sweet memories at this #DisneySide party.

Yes, I’m singing we are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please. Even Si and Am stopped by for a visit to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Lady and The Tramp.

Si and Am from Lady and The Tramp made an appearance at the 60th Diamond Anniversary #DisneySide Home Celebration Party

Everyone loves doggie kisses. Ok, not everyone, but most. Each Hershey Kisses had a diamond printable sticker on the bottom in one of three different colors pink, hot pink or purple. Purple is my fave color you know. 🙂


Best Hershey Kisses Printables from HP. #DisneySide #CMYK @MyPrintly


#DisneySide Home Celebration Snacks included Diamond Anniversary Lady and the Tramp Hershey Kisses.

The Munchies were even a hit with my husband who absolutely detests all “junk food” and so they disappeared quickly.

#DisneySide Home Celebration Snacks included Kibbles & Bits

Lady and Tramp share a celebratory 60th Diamond Anniversary kiss. So, sweet and adorable it makes me want a mutt.

Lady & The Tramp butterfly kisses #DisneySide Home Celebration

This hot pink silverware from Oriental Trading looked so great inside of Jill’s Mason Jars with the Disney Vinylmation Si & Am two-sided toy and the purple flowers that Carmen brought with her.

The two-sided Disney Vinylmation Si & Am from Lady and the Tramp

My favorite graphic from the movie was when Mr. Darling gave Mrs. Darling her present and Lady was waiting inside. See how the cupcake wrappers look like the present box that Lady was inside of?

The Best #DisneySide Home Celebration Printables from HP #DisneySide #CMYK @MyPrintly

The children of mom bloggers know better than to eat the cupcake before a photo is taken. These boys were so great all day.

The Boys at the 60th Diamond Anniversary Party of Lady and the Tramp #DisneySide

So grateful to all of my family & friends that helped me with my party or just came to enjoy it with us. The huge Lady and The Tramp Spaghetti Scene Cutout is also from Oriental Trading.

What do you think of my creative, unique and different #DisneySide Home Celebration Party? Bark and tell me below.

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