On the Move with Social Sarah

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I am Sarah, code name Social Sarah.

Born and raised in New York City by two overly intelligent, strong people who both started their own business in the 70’s. From the start, they new beyond a doubt, I was dyslexic and had A.D.H.D. Growing up in the 80’s those terms were still new to the private school teachers. Spent the first six years of school being called stupid by teachers and teased by the students. This lead me to fight for ever step of my education. It now has me involved in following my son’s education closely. I believe in teachers and their dedication. It is also my thought there are some teachers who should just retire.

I have traveled Europe, Turkey, India and most of America. All at different stages in my life. My jobs have included hotel maid, a beer tub gal, and a bartender. I have interned for a senator, an international embassy and for an art museum. I have walked for Avon’s 3 day, walked a tiger and cleaned the cages at an animal rescue.

Education is never ending. I dream of the day I can get my Masters in Landscape Design and my P.H.D in Shakespearean Literature from Oxford. Throw in my daily reading and answering the never ending child’s question of why, I will never stop learning.


What makes me social? I guess it’s because I can be slingin’ beers in any old joint one second to putting on my ballgown the next. My enjoyment comes from nature, sitting in cafe’s watching the world go by and trying new things.

I’m just a mom like many of you. We have our ups and downs, days of yoga pant wardrobe (I LOVE PATAGONIA’S YOGA PANTS) to making an organic meal to frozen pizzas.

I’m just a girl who believes men should still open doors. The girl who thinks girls should be C.E.O’s or stay at home moms — it should be your choice because both jobs are equally important.  I’m the girl who will play almost any sport at least once. Tried Rugby — seriously better to leave that one to the men.

I try to be sustainable and organic. Don’t tag me as crunchy even though I believe in mother nature and protecting the earth for my children and yours.

I will share what I know, my opinions and my story. FaVeMom became my friend because a few years ago when I told her what was what with an event she did. Honesty was the beginning of a killer friendship.  I have a husband, a child and a golden-doodle. They are just one kickin’ awesome part of me, as I am them.

You can also find my work under  my own Instagram account @wifemotherdaughterself  which is more on pulse than my website www.wifemotherdaughterself.com  When I am not writing for FaVeMom, I am working with my family on Rug News andDesign Magazine as the andDesign Editor– curating information, design and product for those interested in rugs.

Did I mention I love to write and share information!!!

Looking forward to sharing stories!

Social Sarah



Social Sarah

Social Sarah

Who ever thought I would call myself Social Sarah, especially after I became a mom. Reality check...being social is more than just being glamours. I am closer to 40. These years have allowed me to travel to many European cities, India and Turkey. Lived in Dublin, Ireland both as a graduate student and beyond. Born and raised New Yorker with Southern roots. Best lesson I ever learned-- ladies do not get called "You guys" it is always "Y'all". Something I have lived with all my life -- sever dyslexia and ADHD. Many tutors later and deep thoughts, I have learned to push myself and understand my limitations. I grew up with two entrepreneur parents. I have lived through their successes and their failures. A few years back I started my own blog under WifeMotherDaughterSelf. It took a back seat after my father feel and had major brain surgery. I am the andDesign Editor for Rug News andDesign, a family business around rugs and home. Throw in a dog named Ophelia, who may or may not be a goldendoodle, a surfing snowboarding loving husband and an energetic fun loving son, you would think I had my hands full. My mantra is the 4 pillars -- Friendship, Love, Honesty and Trust. Some call me crunchy. Most say I am a good listener. Many say I throw a great party but all say I am a great friend, adventure and researcher.