Tuesday Disney Movie Talk:Moana

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Today is Tuesday Movie Talk,and here is my Moana Movie Review. Moana (/moʊˈɑːnə/) is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 56th Disney animated feature film.

Moana Backstory:

Music at the very beginning takes you into this story of a Polynesian paradise where Moana and her people live.

Mother Island emerged as Moanas people were voyagers and they settled on Te Fiti  The Mother island. She had the greatest power and could give life itself… great power of creation.

Mawi shape shifter changed form by the power of his magical fish hook…trickster, Demi-God of wind and sea and warrior,stole the heart of Te Feti and the island fell into despair and darkness. The people of Matinui had to voyage to find another island to call home. Chief Tui told his people NEVER to go beyond the reef off their new island because danger was beyond their island home.

Mawi ( Dwane the Rock Johnson) tried to escape after stealing the heart , but a demon of earth and fire swallowed him up and the heart of Te Fiti  and his fish hook were lost to the sea. This is where the story begins and with twists and turns, Moana becomes the young woman she always dreamed of becoming.

Moana Story:

The Elder grandmother of the tribe told this story to the young children that lived on their safe island about Mawi and Mother Island, and Mawi and his magical fish hook. She was the village “crazy woman” she called herself, but full of great knowledge and traditions. She told this story to the children to teach them,and teach Moana that she had powers too and would someday use them to save her people.

Moana was a curious child and her curiosity only grew as she grew older. She had powers,powers to part the oceans waves, and power to open her heart to finding the heart of Te Fiti and bring her people back to the Mother Island, where fish and life was good for her people.

Her father, Chief Tui and Mother Sina wanted Moana to stay and take care of her village, she was to be the next chief. Everything they needed was on Motunui, their island home. “Happiness is where you are”, her parents would sing to her.

Moana wanted to go beyond the reef.. beyond the safety of the village.
Her Grandmother… was in touch with the soul of the island and wanted Moana to follow her heart. It spoke to her of something more.”

Moana discovers a cave where the sailing ships of her ancestors are hidden away. She discovers her people were voyagers. The ocean choose her, grandmother tells Moana. She feels she needs to restore the heart of a Te Fiti. Moana takes a ship and sails away from her island despite her father, the Chiefs wishes. Her father crossed the reef when he was young and lost his best friend, he couldn’t save him from the sea. He didn’t want to lose Moana too. But Moana longed to be part of the sea, it called to her.

On her journey she finds her friend Heihei (a chicken),and eventually Mawi ( Demi-God, hero of men, and women) Mawi tells Moana that he created the sun, the sky, the trees and all the things her people needed…”Your Welcome” he sings to her for all he did for the mortals of her village.

Character Hero: Disney Movies

After some convincing by the power and spirit of the sea, Mawi and Moana adventure together to find the heart of Te Fiti and bring it to the mother island to restore her heart and their island home is restored to its former glory, a paradise filled with everything her people could possibly need.

But this journey doesn’t come without a few surprises and adventures that were both dangerous and soul searching. Moana found her courage and with Mawi by her side their adventure took them home.
Moana made her family proud and her people. Grandmother passed and became her spirit guide in the form of a large Manta Ray.. she followed Moana on her journey and watched over her.

Disney Wiki

Moana brought her people back to their island home Te Fiti. Moana showed strength, courage, love, and kindness, this is how she turned her adventure into a journey of soul searching and growing up.

Disney Movies – Moana and Mawi

I personally love the message, the story, the way that we all take journeys along life’s path, we just have to choose the right path. But if we get lost, there is always someone to help bring us back to the place we call home.” Theres just no telling how far you’ll go”!

“You’ll never know how far you can go!” -Moana
“I am Moana of Motunui. Aboard my boat, I will sail across the sea and restore the heart of Te Fiti.” – Moana

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