JOOVY Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

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This is the BEST Jogging Stroller. The New Year is coming and after the Holidays you’ll probably be looking to shed those extra pounds like many others.  If you are looking for the perfect jogging stroller or even an everyday stroller look no farther.  This is the one you need.

Noah Joovy Ultralight

I’ll be honest here, I don’t run unless I’m being chased.  Or I see a shoe sale.  Ok, I won’t even run then.  But I might just power walk.  However, my husband who is a U.S. Marine DOES run and he LOVES this stroller.  He also said it looks manly and loved the black because it’s “sleek like the Batmobile”  whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Shoeless toddler not included.  Unless he’s being cranky.  Then we can probably work something out.

1. The name says it all – ultralight weight.  Weighs only 25.7 pounds making it one of the lightest jogging strollers on the market.  When folded I can easily pick this stroller up with one hand and toss it into the back of my car.
2. Extra wide seat with side mesh pockets.  Seat measures 14″ wide by 18″ high.  23″ from bottom of the seat to top of the canopy.  My 48″ tall 4 year old can comfortably fit in the stroller with the canopy over him or with the seat reclined.  Also features a 5 point easy to use adjustable buckle.
3. Super large adjustable canopy to keep your little one protected from the sun and elements. Also has a see through canopy window so you can keep an eye on your little rider.
4. SUPER compact fold which is hard to find with a jogging stroller.  Measures 15″ x 22″ x 34″ when folded.  Rear wheels remove for even easier storage into tight spaces.
5. Handlebar is 41″ from the ground.  Perfect for those who are taller.  I’m 5’9″ and this was perfect for me.  However, anyone under 5’6″ might find the handlebar too high.  This stroller does not have an adjustable handlebar which would probably work better for shorter runners.
6. Front 360 degree swivel wheel which can be locked into place for runs.
7. Adjustable recline.  Seats reclines almost completely flat.  I would feel comfortable putting a very young baby in this stroller.
8. One foot break.  The break can be a little tricky to unlock, but still easy to use.
9. HUGE easy access storage basket.  The basket is open in the back.  While running it’s easy to take off extra layers of clothing and toss them in without stopping.  Or if you are using this stroller around town it can hold a large diaper bag and other accessories.
10. SUPER easy fold!  Just lift a flap and pull. The stroller closes and locks itself into the closed position.
11. VERY smooth ride and EASY to push!  This is by far the easiest stroller I have ever pushed and I’ve pushed a few strollers in my day.  You can walk or run and push with one hand easily.
12. Assembling the stroller literally takes 2 minutes.  It comes to you fully assembled other than the wheels.  The wheels simply snap onto the stroller.  I have never put a stroller together this fast – ever.

Five-point harness to keep your little rider safe.  The buckle is adjustable and easy for parents to use, yet tricky enough so tiny hands can not open it. Easy to fold.  Stroller locks itself once folded. Super compact when folded.  Rear wheels also remove for easy storage into tight spaces. See through canopy window. Over-sized canopy provides the best sun protection available. Comes with a neoprene parent organizer that holds 2 cups, has a zippered pocket and uses a easy on/off mounting system. Large easy access storage basket.  Quick release 16″ rear wheels. 12.5″ swivel front wheel.  Wheel can also be locked into a straight position.  Strong, light weight mesh reduces weight and adds better ventilation to the foot rest area. Extra wide seat sits high and has an adjustable recline.  Two mesh seat pockets for your little rider to carry toys or cups.

The Zoom 360 Ultralight is the newest addition to the Joovy jogging stroller line. Made with 6061 aircraft aluminum, it is 10% lighter and its updated design is simpler, stronger and better looking than its predecessor. The new Zoom 360 Ultralight has a straight through axle that runs straighter and truer while the suspension smooths out the bumps to provide a comfortable ride for your little one.  Car seat adapters (sold separately) are available in various models to accommodate most infant car seats.

You can buy this stroller on Amazon for $299 with free shipping.



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