Jamie’s 6 Best Tips for Breastfeeding Comfortably in Public

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Jamie's 6 Best Tips for Breastfeeding Comfortably in Public
Jamie’s 6 Best Tips for Breastfeeding Comfortably in Public

Jamie’s 6 Best Tips for breastfeeding comfortably in public will keep you sane. Nursing in public can be hard, especially if you’re still getting the hang of it! But there’s no reason to feel like you need to pump a bottle every time you leave the house. You can make the process easier by planning ahead (and investing in the right products). After nursing four children—and going through all the ups and downs of the experience—here are my six best tips for breastfeeding comfortably in public.

Jamie’s 6 Best Tips for Breastfeeding Comfortably in Public will keep you sane.

 Wear the Right Type of Clothing

 This is not the time to be wearing your tightest turtleneck—even if you look fantastic in it. If you know you’re going to need to nurse while you’re out, choose clothing that allows for easy access to your breasts. And don’t worry—there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars in nursing-specific clothing. A button down or cardigan layered over a nursing tank works just as well as any expensive top.

Jamie’s 6 Best Tips for Breastfeeding Comfortably in Public include this handy tip.



Look for a Comfortable Space

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that comfort often equals successful breastfeeding. When you’re stressed or anxious, it’s more difficult for your baby to latch (and let’s be honest, you just won’t enjoy it as much!). Luckily, so many places are now nursing-friendly—and offer private rooms for mothers who want to breastfeed (I’ve even noticed pods while traveling in the airport!). And remember to think outside of the box—sometimes, a semi-private bench or seat will give you the right amount of quiet space to bond with your baby. There’s even an app that can help you find nearby nursing rooms and lactation pods (over 5000 of them!).

Invest in a Nursing-Friendly Carrier or Sling

With a little practice, you can breastfeed in most baby carriers or slings (I know—I’ve done it!). The biggest benefit? You can be hands-free (and get some multi-tasking done). Before purchasing any carrier, do your research. Look online and talk to other moms. Nursing or not, wearing your baby is super convenient and an excellent way to fit in some snuggle time.

Buy a Great Cover

After my third daughter was born, I was the mother of two toddlers and a newborn (I know….eeek!). It was a handful, to say the least. And every time I sat down to nurse,  my older daughters would—naturally—look for attention (or get themselves into trouble). I didn’t want to confine us all to the house, so I searched for a cover that would offer full coverage and allow me to nurse comfortably while in public. When I couldn’t find something perfect, I created the first Covered Goods® prototype. The next day, I took all three girls to Disneyland and was—for the first time ever—able to breastfeed with ease on a park bench! A Covered Goods® cover is the perfect product for any new (or even seasoned!) mother. Our covers are soft and stretchy, and offer full 360 degree coverage. The won’t bunch or ride up—ideal for moms who will be nursing on the go. We even hear from women who say they use our covers for privacy while pumping!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like anything else, there’s a learning curve to nursing in public. And as they say, practice makes perfect! Once you’ve got your carrier and your cover, spend some time using them at home. You’ll figure out a routine that feels comfortable, and it will be that much easier when you decide to step outside.

Look for the Right Kind of Support

Unfortunately, there are always going to be people who make comments. By knowing the law, you can support the rights of breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Forty-nine states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have laws that specifically protect women breastfeeding in public or private. Look for support in friends and family members who share the same ideals as you, and don’t be afraid to educate those who are uninformed. Because now that you’re a mom, it’s your baby’s health that matters most—not what other people think.

About Covered Goods™

San Clemente, CA-based Covered Goods was founded in 2012 by mom Jamie Yetter.  The original multi-use nursing cover, Covered Goods covers provide true all over coverage and can also be used as a scarf, car seat cover and shopping cart cover.  Covered Goods covers are manufactured in the USA.  For more information visit www.coveredgoods.com.

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