Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers 2015

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FaVe Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers 2015
Even though I do not have toddlers of my on, I put this list together every year for the little ones in my life that are toddlers. When it comes to buying gifts for toddlers let’s be honest with ourselves. We have one real objective. That they play with the toy more than they play with the box. I had so much fun putting this gift guide together because watching my nieces and nephews open presents and seeing their little faces light up is so exciting. Here are some great holiday gift ideas for the little ones in your life.

1. Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset

This Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset is equipped with everything your little one needs to play for hours instead of painting on your walls. It comes with a special frying pan and boiling pot with lid activate electronic frying and boiling water sounds in stove’s front burner.

The upscale, granite-look counter tops, decorative plate rack, storage shelf and sink with faucet “Stainless steel” oven, microwave and refrigerator enhance children’s play and provide valuable storage space. It wouldn’t be complete without the recycle bin and pull-out drawer. It includes a 20-piece accessory set.

2. Step2 Wonderball Fun House

Step2 Wonderball Fun House

This little Step2 Wonderball Fun House was such a hit at the 4th Annual Celebrity Red CARpet Safety Event. Every kid enjoyed it.

It’s really neat because you can flip the balls into the house or into the maze with the included flipper.

On the outside, toss balls on the roof and watch as they fall through the maze of activities, making fun plinking sounds as they go!

On the inside, place balls on the planks and watch the fun “plinko” effect

There is a working Dutch door that provides open and close play . The open design provides parents with a view of all the laughter and fun taking place inside or outside of the Wonderball Fun House.

The bottom basin is the perfect place to store the balls once playtime is over.

3. Mixed Pears Suitables 

 In case you missed our review on the Mixed Pear Suitables Role Play Bib, feel free to check it out here. The long-sleeve costume smock for Toddlers and Babies protects clothes fully while eating and feeding. You child will love dressing up as a Chef, Doctor, Clown Fish, Lion, Macaw Parrot, Firefighter, Panda or Astronaut, for meals. Perfect for pretend play. Fits 1 to 3 years old, 29-39 in/84-100 cm. BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free, and Formaldehyde-Free. Inspire a special child to Dream BIG while keeping messes to an easily containable area that’s super easy to clean.

4. KicKee Pants

 All KicKee Pants fabrications and styles are based on the idea that children should feel unrestricted by their clothing, even when they are dressed up, and that apparel for little ones should celebrate the innocence of childhood! We hope you enjoy this item from our collection of super soft clothing for babies and up.

This playful and easy to wear piece from KicKee Pants will be only thing you want next to baby’s soft skin. Cuddle up with your little one in this super soft clothing.

5. Joovy Tricycoo

The Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle is for children as young as 18 months. The Tricycoo is the perfect way to introduce your child to balance and coordination, one step at a time. Your child will love the adventure of piloting their very first vehicle and parents love that they are in control while their child masters each stage of learning. The concept of the Tricycoo is simple your child does not need to steer, pedal or balance on their own. They simply enjoy the fun and independence of their first tricycle while you guide them with the parent push handle (removable). When engaged, the parent push handle overrides the steering on the Tricycoo. It has 4 positions and is adjustable from 32.5″ to 38″ high. While your child is getting used to the idea of balancing and holding on to the handlebars, the front wheel pedals can be unlocked; this allows the pedals to spin freely without force and “go” without the need to pedal. The removable ‘baby surround arms’ safely enclose your child on the seat and the fold down footrest gives more stability to the child when riding. This gives them confidence and support while they perfect their balancing. The Joovy Tricycoo is first class all the way unlike most tricycles with blow molded wheels, the Tricycoo sports injection molded wheels with urethane treads. Parents love these wheels because they roll quietly on most floors. For additional fun, the Tricycoo is equipped with a bell on the handlebar and a large rear basket for take along play. The Tricycoo frame is constructed of steel and it supports a child up to 44 pounds. When your child masters the first phase on the Tricycoo, you’ll be ready to remove the parent push handle, ‘baby surround arms’ and fold up the footrest. The front wheel pedals can be locked to allow the child to pedal using their own power. Now you can smile and watch as your child pilots their Tricycoo all by themselves. Assembly is required.

6. babybundle SafeBreathe “Patch” 

 This lovely toy will not be available directly from the US until the New Year. This is amazing technology and such a wonderful and inventive idea. Safebreathe? Hoppy and Patch are the perfect first soft toys – lovable, cuddly and created with safety in mind. Hoppy and Patch have been designed to minimize the risk of suffocation and to enable to unique bond between baby and soft toy to flourish. The 100% soft cotton toys are made from 3D Safebreathe fabric and stuffed with Hollowfibre: a hypoallergenic filling which has had air pumped into each fibre during the spinning process. Hoppy and Patch are fully machine washable and suitable for tumble drying, making them easy to keep clean and dust-free. Parents can guarantee a peaceful slumber while their little ones snuggle up to their bedtime buddies all night long! The UK got them first, we’ll be seeing them in the New Year and I personally cannot wait. I love these as do all of the children I know that have them.


PS For more great gift ideas, check out my pinterest boards.



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