Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens 2014

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FaVe Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens 2014

Just the other day someone at gymnastics class asked me specifically what I was buying the girls in my life, so, without further ado here is the FaVe Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens 2014.

Nintendo 3DS XL Console, $203.88 & up

I really shouldn’t have to explain why tweens would want a 3DS XL Console, because it’s self explanatory. They love video games and this console is lightweight and portable. The only gadget they may want more is coming up next. 🙂

Wii U, $291.55

What kid doesn’t want the Wii U? They all want this console, because they can play all of the Skylanders and Disney Infinity games they want with this console. So, if you’re child is on the nice list, this is quite the reward.

Monster High Monster Maker, $119.99

The above hot number is any tween girls dream. If they love Monsters High, they’ll love this awesome Monster High Monster Maker from Mattel. You can create your own monster designs using the ultimate customization tool, the Monster High® Monster Maker! Simply have your tween choose a style from the design software or import a personal photo to incorporate your freakiness and stunning flaws into the design. You can transmit your design wirelessly and then assemble and display your own unique monster. Set comes with machine, body part adapters, downloadable software or App, 10 colored markers, 3 blank fashions, 1 rooted wig, 2 wig caps, 3 “blank” bodies, doll stands and an eraser!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, $299.00

This was actually my tween son and my teen daughter’s first pick for a tablet. No one in this house uses a MAC besides me. PC all the way around here. So, they love the affordability of this tablet and the many available options. Much more affordable than an iPad and just as functional if not more so. Definitely my fave pick on the FaVe Mom Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens 2014.

Bounce-Off, $13.59

So, not everyone can afford to spend $300 on a gift for their tweens. For those of you that want a gift that everyone can benefit from and that doesn’t spoil your children, the Bounce-Off Game by Mattel is perfect for your tween. It’s head-to-head competition that everyone will love . You race to recreate the pattern on the challenge card by bouncing balls into the grid. The first color to complete the pattern wins the card. Earn 3 cards to win the game. It includes 9 challenge cards, 16 balls and a game grid. Good times to be had by all.

Disney’s Frozen on Blu-Ray, $24.96

If you’ve not heard “Let It Go” you’re living on another planet. Simply put boys and girls alike love Frozen and yes, I might be singing “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” as I’m typing this.

BOOMco. Rapid Madness, $37.49

This air-powered  blaster by Mattel is off the freaking hook. YES, I play with this too. It’s great to shoot rude and mean co-workers with when they’re getting on your nerves. 🙂 The rate of fire and the ability to unload 20 Smart StickTM darts in 2 seconds leaves everyone happy, especially me!!! Nerf can’t touch this. It can fire up to 50 feet. SWEET!!!

UGG Boots, $108.50 & Up

Let me state for the record that several tween girls have told me how much they love their current UGG Boots and how much they need a new pair. I’m not an UGG fan, but the tween girls love them. So, if your daughter needs a pair of boots, get her a pair that she will cherish and love.

What’s on your Holiday Gift Guide for Tweens in 2014? Comment and let me know.



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