Holiday Countdown

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Holiday Countdown christmas-tree









Are you the parent who is organized and prepared or the parent who waits until the last minute rush to get things done before Dec. 24, the eve of Christmas and the start of Chanukah?

Is it just me or do the holidays seem to swoop in each year and I am always slightly unprepared.

Sure, we put up our Christmas tree back in November. My mom came for a long over due visit. She loves Christmas. Our household has been in the spirit of Christmas but the actual purchasing of gifts can be a little tricky. Not sure how my Jewish friends handle eight days of giving.

I like to believe that all parents struggle with what to give to their child during the holiday season.

The general rule of thumb is give 4 gifts:


The reality is most of us give more than four gifts, not including what is in the stocking. Yes, Santa needs help these days with stocking stuffing. The best advice I can give is use these four areas as a guideline, try balancing the gifts in each section. I would also add a fifth section — SOMETHING TO DO.

Something to do on Christmas is an important part of any parents day. If your honest with yourself, at some point during the holidays (ok everyday) you want at least 30 minutes to yourself. I can’t think of any time more important than Christmas day to really need some parent time. After all, you have wrapped presents, built presents, stuffed stockings, cooked meals, entertained family, picked up the house. You have been AMAZING. Now you need ME TIME. Thus, the SOMETHING TO DO gift for a child.

We will give ideas for Babies 1st Christmas, Toddlers, 5-7yrs, 8-11yrs, 12-14yrs and big kids, parents, based on these five general areas. We are talking about presents that are great for either Christmas or Chanukah.Our faiths might be different but the love of our children bond us.

Social Sarah

Social Sarah

Who ever thought I would call myself Social Sarah, especially after I became a mom. Reality check...being social is more than just being glamours. I am closer to 40. These years have allowed me to travel to many European cities, India and Turkey. Lived in Dublin, Ireland both as a graduate student and beyond. Born and raised New Yorker with Southern roots. Best lesson I ever learned-- ladies do not get called "You guys" it is always "Y'all". Something I have lived with all my life -- sever dyslexia and ADHD. Many tutors later and deep thoughts, I have learned to push myself and understand my limitations. I grew up with two entrepreneur parents. I have lived through their successes and their failures. A few years back I started my own blog under WifeMotherDaughterSelf. It took a back seat after my father feel and had major brain surgery. I am the andDesign Editor for Rug News andDesign, a family business around rugs and home. Throw in a dog named Ophelia, who may or may not be a goldendoodle, a surfing snowboarding loving husband and an energetic fun loving son, you would think I had my hands full. My mantra is the 4 pillars -- Friendship, Love, Honesty and Trust. Some call me crunchy. Most say I am a good listener. Many say I throw a great party but all say I am a great friend, adventure and researcher.