The Greatest Showman Quotes

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Greatest Showman Quotes

I absolutely love it…


The Greatest Showman

And I decided I just had to share some inspiring quotes form the film.  Some from the music, some actually from PT Barnum.

The Greatest Showman is the muscial-ize version (that’s like a dramatizing, but so much more) of the story of PT Barnum starting the circus.  He had a poor difficult childhood as a tailors son.  But he falls in love with a wealthy mans daughter.  And they begin a life together.  I love that this story had a simple love story, not major complexities.  She chose him, he chose her and they made it happen.  But PT can’t provide the financial life that his wife had previously.  Which doesn’t bother her, but is a ever-present concern for him.  So he embarks on creating a unique museum and selling it to everyone.

Hyperbole isn’t the worst crime

The Greatest Showman Quotes |

Not everyone believed he was an honest showman.  And he has trouble selling the museum to everyone.  So he adds some people oddities and curiousities to his museum.  But that’s not enough for PT, he wants to make it more and make it amazing.

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else

The Greatest Showman Quotes |

As he gathers this family of unique individuals, the bearded lady, Tom Thumb, etc.  This is the first time these people are standing proud in front of people and no longer hiding who they are.  It’s a beautiful moment to see the acceptance of self in these formally ostracized individuals.

This is me

The Greatest Showman Quotes |

PT Barnum can’t make this show everything he wants so he brings on Philip Carlyle (played by Zac Efron) and upper crust play writer and producer.  PT wants to lend a weight of respectability to his show.  Carlyle wants to break out of the stiffling upper echelon of society.  Which incidentally creates a movie trick cool musical number, “The Other Side”  where the two strike their deal.

Carlyle comes to love the exotic trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (played by Zandaya).  But they are from very different worlds in the late 1800s he is white and she is black.  So they want to “rewrite the stars”  seeing an amazing number while flying on the ropes of the circus practice room.

We could rewrite the stars

The Greatest Showman Quotes |

PT Barnum follows his desire to gain the acceptance of the high society.  He brings on a high quality opera singer, Jenny Lind.  Oh my her muscial number is amazing!!!  Now this number is the one where the actress doesn’t actually sing.  The number is still amazing.  And everyone in the film is captivated with her voice.  But she too is seeking the acclaim of the world.

All the stars we steal from the night sky, will never be enough

The Greatest Showman Quotes |

There is so much more to the show, but overall PT Barnum is showing that there is a way to make people happy through an amazing show.  And I can’t tell you the end, but you HAVE TO see this show.

The noblest art is that of making others happy

The Greatest Showman Quotes |

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