Go to Shoes

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What are your go to shoes? I have three pairs of classic go to shoes. My classic go to shoes go with just about everything. These are obviously by no means my only pairs of shoes, (although my husband wishes they were) but they are my faves.

Go to Shoes #1

Let me start with my all time favorite and most comfortable pair of go to shoes! My Black Smack Patent leather Vaneli Urrike Wedges! They go with absolutely everything and they even loved them at Fashion Police. Yes, I’m a Joan Ranger for life, and yes you can be jealous. It’s not the same without her, but I’m sure it’ll continue to be great with Giuliana on board. The best part is that retail they sell for $129.00. Now certain sizes are on sale for $51.

These shoes are similar to the L.K. Bennett Shoes Zella Patent Leather Wedges that sale for $325.00.  So, unless you’ve got deep pockets I suggest you purchase the above if you can find them in your size. I will be super sad when my finally give out. They’ve been my go to shoes for two years now. I have Flintstone feet as in they are small but wider, so the L.K. Bennett Shoes tend to rub the back of heels. Perhaps I need to invest in some heel protectors or something. Either way, these go to shoes go great with work wear, casual wear and dress wear.

Go To Shoes #2

My above shoes from Sebago, the Bala, are officially dead. They are just worn out and I have to part ways with them. At $95 and four years of wearing them, I’ve got my money’s worth with these babies. I might have shed a tear or two when I realized how disgusting and nasty they are after all of this time. Honestly, the best looking pair of go to shoes for blue jeans and khaki pants that I’ve ever owned. It’s absolutely no wonder why they’re in such rough shape. However, I assure you that I’m ordering a new pair of Sebago Bala’s and I know I’ll love them just as much. Nothing beats a well-made pair of neutral boat shoes. Now how long it’ll take me to fall in love with my new Sebago Bala’s is yet to be seen, but I can assure you it probably won’t take too long. I do recommend you order 1/2 size bigger than normal as the toe bed is a little bit smaller for some people. Especially if you have Flintstone feet like me.

If you’re not in the market to spend $95 on a pair of shoes even though they’ll last a very long time, the above pair is similar and much nicer to your piggy bank at only $39.99. These are the Roxy Skooner II’s in tan. I’ve not worn these so I can’t tell you how the fit or feel on your feet, just they are similar to my beloved Sebago Bala’s go to shoes.  

Go to Shoes #3

Everyone needs a pair of well-made patent leather nude or tan pumps. They go well with everything including navy clothing which can be hard to match. These are my least expensive pair of go to shoes at only $20 – $34.99 depending on the color you choose. These are the Fioni Kambridge Platform Pump, and I’m wondering if they intentionally misspelled Cambridge? HAHA They are available at Payless. Mine are in fawn and they are super comfortable. My daughter already destroyed one pair of these learning to walk in heels at 15 years old, but I wasn’t even upset because they are super affordable and were easily replaced. I like that the platform gives you height without adding discomfort.

For my readers that love to spend money on shoes and I know that you’re out there, you can always purchase the Ivanka Trump “Sophia” Pump in Natural Patent available exclusively at Nordstrom’s for $109.95. With the smaller platform they look super comfortable, but I’ve not tried them so I’m not sure. I like the toe being rounded, but not so round it looks like a Mary Jane kid shoe.

So, tell me, do you have a pair of go-to shoes that you absolutely love? Would you be sad if they broke or needed to be replaced? Did you have a pair  that was so nasty and destroyed that you had to replace them? Give me the skinny.




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