Global Lifestyle Look — How to achieve it

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We might not all be able to travel the world. You can bring parts of the world into your home with a global lifestyle look.

My day job is to write about design, textures, rugs and home decor. My job is to translate what the end consumer asks when they walk into a retail store, translate what the wholesaler is selling to the retail and then help the retailer talk about their products in the store. I write for Rug News and Design. Anyone can read it online. My most recent article was about Global Lifestyle — What is it? Here is a version of the article for you and your dream shopping list.

Is it Tribal? Is it Boho Chic? The looks are similar and unique. Often times the same products presented differently can/will appeal to you  for a different looks under the global lifestyle. From the ground up, the feeling of a global lifestyle can be expressed through a rug to the lights in the room. Pulling together the look in your home can be a mix of tribal, boho or any culture that speaks to you.

Industry Inside Advice

A few thoughts from those in the industry of design, textiles and home decor.

Dann Foley is an Interior Designer,  a Product Designer, a TV Personality and best of all Disney Fanatic. I have been following him over on Instagram @designerdann for awhile. I had heard him speak multiple times. Ok so I have a little designer crush on him. Finally got to meet him in person. Total cool guy.

When I asked him about the global lifestyle trend he spoke about the “ ‘Global Style’ usually denotes a mix of product that includes the refined with the casual or handmade.  It speaks as much to a way of living and surrounding ones self with a curated group of meaningful and varied items. Items which tell a story both literally and figuratively.

For me personally the Global Style does not have to be a bout a grand tour but, about a willingness to embrace, understand and study what makes all cultures fascinating and desirable and that extends itself to new way of seeing and experiencing ones surroundings.  We all make choices about the way we live and the things we live with, this is the essence of living well.


Jane Dagmi, Editor Director of Steelyard, has a style of dress that is unique and totally made me go — I need to know this woman. She has worked in the home industry for many years. Her knowledge is amazing.

Jane enjoys the global lifestyle especially if it is justaposing it with more formal traditional. Her take on Global design is as follows –Tribal Décor fits this category, décor made with exotic materials from faraway lands, décor the feature patterns rife with cultural or religious symbolism from international cultures. Boho encompasses global style too and has crossover elements with tribal like sheepskin, rope, bold color. I also think that boho can veer toward the psychedelic American hippie. It’s like tye-dye vs batik…two similar techniques and asthetic. Batik is the “global” Version by virtue of its origin. In general, tribal, to me, feels more neutral, more primitive. Boho more decorated, jewel and acid toned.

Patti Carpenter ,Carpenter & Co travels to almost every tradeshow scoping out trends. Her spunk and visual ability to spot trends coming up is a superpower. Her take was a slightly different.

“I don’t personally believe that Tribal Decor and Boho Decor are the same. I do feel that they can both fall under the category of a Global Lifestyle Trend.

I believe “Tribal” to be a larger and more comprehensive category comprised of products that are decorated with patterning either from, or evocative of, authentic prints and patterns from around the world and usually made by hand and by artisans. I tend to see these patterns as more geometric and can be naive in their interpretations and more basic in form. Scale and color can vary to make them more contemporary.

“Boho” for me is more of a mash-up of any time or place and of print or pattern, (some could be Tribal), that is evocative of a 60’s “Hippie” aestethic or approach. This trend can include florals, (which I don’t consider Tribal), and vintage prints from clothing or home decor. These prints and patterns are combined with a sense of abandon to evoke a free-thinking aesthetic. This is more of a Trend at the moment than a category in my opinion.

For Your Global Lifestyle

What does this mean for you? You can update your look with a few items. You can repurpose some home decor to make it more global. The options are endless. Here are a few pieces that help tell a story. Remember Pinterest can be your friend but it also might make you go crazy.



For the Floor:

Rugs are a great way to add a little bit of the global lifestyle into your life. Colorful rugs might give you a bit more of a boho look. Tribal would be more neutral colors.  Think the Moroccan style rugs.: Rugs are a great way to add a little bit of the global look into your life. Boho is usually colorful while Tribal would be more neutral colors.  Think the Moroccan style rugs. Here is just a small selection

of rugs that are available.

You can always go to their websites to learn more about what they have to offer. If they do not sell directly to the consumer, you, they will list the closest place to purchase a rug. It helps having the collection name and color for your local retailer. Remember even if your local retailer doesn’t have it in the store, that doesn’t mean they can’t get it for you.



  I find lighting to be the hardest thing to do in updating a room. You have the choice of floor lamp, table lamp, wall light and ceiling. Over time I have gotten to know Currey & Co. The owner Brownlee is really into Bonsai trees, travels all the time and works closely with his production team. I trust him to create amazing pieces. Check out there IG account to be inspired.

There are a lot of options and companies to choose from. If you don’t plan on changing the hardware, look at updating the lampshade. My suggestion is go to a light person who lives and breaths lampshades to talk about style, sizing and color.



Home Accessories: 

This is where it is easy to go crazy. Who was it that said always take off the last piece of jewelry you put on and then you will have just enough. The main idea is don’t over accessorize your home. To much and it’s cluttered and becomes a haven for dust bunnies.



You can add flair in your home thru a  table setting, a wall hanging or a well placed sculpture on a shelf.




On A Budget

Updating your home can be done on a small budget. Sometimes it is just going to thrift stores and yard sales. Take for example, the placemats, my grandmother had a version of these without the tassels 30 years ago. You might be able to find some at an estate sale and sew on your own tassels. Or if you are not a craft person, get Deborah Rhodes placemats. You can bring a bit of the global lifestyle into your home, in almost anyway. Set your self a budget. Get rid of two things and replace with one.


More Home Decor insight to come,

Social Sarah

Social Sarah

Social Sarah

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