GB Pockit Stroller Debuts at ABC Kids Expo

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The GB Pockit Stroller made its debut at the ABC Kids Expo and I was one of the very first to see it. I’ve been working with Adam for quite sometime and when he told me to come by his booth at the ABC Kids Expo this year I couldn’t wait to see what GB had in store for me. After walking at least a quarter mile to get to the meeting the GB Pockit Stroller was clear in the back upstairs (this expo is huge) it was worth the haul to get over there. This stroller amazed me. Much to my delight I saw a stroller that would fit in this bag addicts favorite bag. YES, I SHRILLED WITH DELIGHT. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. This stroller weighs a total of 9lbs with the wheels on my fellow bag and stroller whores. Earlier in the day I posted a photograph telling you that Mary Magdalene and I had something in common, now you know what I was referring to.

Folding up strollers has became easier and easier over the years. I’d love to see some of these self proclaimed stroller gurus fold down a stroller from 1999. I’ve got some mad skills I tell you. Packing strollers into cars has become easier and easier as well. Now with it folding up to something that will fit in my fave handbag, it couldn’t be any easier.

The GB Pockit Stroller is officially in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most compact stroller weighing in at just 9 pounds with wheels on. No tricky wordy to make them sound better. It can be folded down small enough to take on the plane in your carry-on bag. It folds two different ways and the GB Pockit Stroller snaps together to a 12 by 14 by 7-inch pack, it is self-standing, pops back together in less than a second and can be used from 6 months to fifty-five pounds. Don’t believe me, watch above.

Not available until sometime in the spring and without an MSRP listed I know that it’ll sell out as soon as the link is live and the GB Pockit Stroller hits shelves.

That was NOT the only item that GB had that was new. The Asana Infant Car Seat was also new and it’s already sold out in Sterling on Toys R Us’s website. You can still get it if you buy the GB EVOQ Travel System in Sterling with the Stroller and Car Seat for $365.49.

I’ll be doing a Best Single Strollers and Best Double Strollers post roundup for 2016. Stay tuned. This definitely makes the #FaVesFaves List.






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