20 Fruity & Refreshing Summertime Drinks You’ll Love

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20 Fruity & Refreshing Summertime Drinks
20 Fruity & Refreshing Summertime Drinks

My teenagers absolutely love fruity & refreshing summertime drinks. In fact, as much as they love mocktails, it worries me they’re going to truly love alcohol. Everything in moderation right? 🙂

Welcoming Spring may have you all questioning why I keep talking about summer. Summer brings about Family Forward and Universal Studios. That means I get to go home to Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. We all know I’m not meant to live in Virginia, alas it is home.

While I don’t have a recipe for Butterbeer in here just yet, rest assured you’ll probably find a copycat recipe sometime between now and the end of August. Fruity & refreshing summertime drinks not only take you away to another world with warm sun and sandy beaches, they quench your thirst.

20 Fruity & Refreshing Summertime Drinks

1. Mint Lemonade

2. Red, White and Blue Drink

3. Frozen Watermelon Lemonade

4. Copycat Chick Fil A Frosted Lemonade

5. The Best Homemade Lemonade

6. Pink Lemonade

7. Strawberry Kiwi Slushie

8. Copycat Red Robin Freckled Lemonade

9. Copycat Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade

10. Coconut Vanilla Boba Bubble Tea

11. Watermelon Lime Slushie

12. Strawberry Lime Mint Infused Water

13. Tropical Slushies

14. Copycat Sonic Cherry Limeade

15. Peach Iced Tea

16. Copycat Chick-Fil-A Lemonade

17. Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea

18. Copycat Starbucks Strawberries Creme Frappuccino

19. Raspberry Lemonade Slushies

20. Lemon Lime Infused Water

What are you some of your absolute favorite fruity & refreshing summertime drinks? Share links to any you think should have made our list and didn’t. We can’t wait for summer but, in the meantime we are going to do our absolute best to enjoy Spring. Dogwood trees are absolutely beautiful, so perhaps I’ll take a trip to D.C. to see them. I think a Pentagon Tour is on the horizon in the new few weeks and I cannot wait to see D.C. when there isn’t ice or rain falling. 🙂



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