Friday’s Fabulous Photo of the Week

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Friday’s Fabulous Photo of the Week is brought to you from the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are absolutely breathtaking and completely amazing. The reasons we come to vacation in the Florida Keys is #1 Fishing. A very close second is the sunrise over the deep blue ocean. I know what you did there, I say every time I see this breathtaking sight.

It never grows old on us, even though the sun rises and sets everyday, we aren’t always there to witness the truly amazing work of Mother Earth. She never ceases to amaze us with her beauty and today was no exception.

To be part of something so much bigger than ourselves, to wake up to this wonder, to sit in awe as she rises higher and higher brightening our day and giving us life.

The backdrop of ocean and palm trees certainly does not escape us either. What a beautiful way to wake up the earth, to say good morning and invite us to soak up her beauty and enjoy the moments that are that wondrous.

So, to us traveling is all about wonder, beauty, experiences that are moments that last forever. Journey beautifully!




I live between our Nation's Capital and North Carolina, love daisies, giraffes, purple, polka dots, Diet Mountain Dew, Doritos, and guns. Not necessarily in that order. I know that I’m very unoriginal and fit most cliches. I won’t try to deny it if you ask me. Ill-advised, indiscreet, and injudicious individuals infuriate I.