Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers 2014

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FaVe Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers 2014

This FaVe Mom’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers is complete with something for every toddler. From the toddler’s with parents with expensive tastes to the toddler parents who are on a budget, the FaVE Mom’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers was specifically created with toddlers in mind. These are some wonderful toys that are tried and true, people absolutely love them. From the tried and true rocking horse that isn’t made in China and requires no tools to assemble to the plush that lights up and plays sounds, there is something in here for every toddler. I hope you enjoy the FaVe Mom’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers.

MOOVER Rocking Horse, $182.99

This rocking horse is destined to be your toddler’s favorite toy. With the MOOVER Toys special “brake curve,” my safety side is a priority ensuring that the horse does not rock too high. The seat ensures that your child sits securely and protected resulting in a safe position during the rocking that prevents the child from touching the floor. All Moover toys are crafted from sustainable sources with today’s environmentally friendly, green or crunchy parents in mind. You assemble quickly and easily with the “click key system” without the use of any tools. Use coupon code FAVEMOM15 for 15% off.

Wolf Hand Puppet & 3 Little Pigs, $64.99

Lilliputiens are genius when it comes to taking a tale as old as the hills and making it modern day relevant. It is a parable about being courageous. This is a story you can tell to your little children over and over again to help them overcome their fears and learn to be brave. The three little pigs (finger puppets) in their little house defy the odds against them as they beat the big bad wolf (hand puppet). Once done with your story you can neatly store the 3 houses and matching piglets inside the wolf. This stimulates the imagination and awakens the senses with bright colors and contrasting materials. Use promo code FAVEMOM15 for 15% off this big bad wolf. 😉

Twinkling Firefly Frog™, $31.95

Cloud b did a great job with this multi-sensory toy. Helps ease kids from playtime to nap time. The soft glowing fireflies glow in the belly of the Frog. There are two soothing sounds. Rain with crickets and a lullaby melody. There is a 45-minute sleep timer. Requires 3 AAA batteries which are included.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair, $28.49

This neat and genius chair is loaded with 50+ learning songs, tunes, and phrases. It includes Smart Stages technology, which simply means the learning changes as your baby grows. Three levels of play offer fresh songs, phrases and sonds for your little one’s age and stage of development. Busy activities include an illustrated flip-book and light-up remote control with buttons to press.

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant, $31.49

Yet again a great toy with three grow-with-me ways to play. Sit & Bounce, Stand & Walk or Scoot & Ride! Over 30 sung songs, tunes, and fun sounds and phrases. It has colorful light-up buttons.

Cloud b Twilight Noah’s Ark, $39.95

Regardless of whether or not you are religious, this cute ark comes with four plush toys. A giraffe (my favorite), a sheep, a turtle and a monkey. The top of the ark lights up featuring a dove as well as actual star constellations. It will ease your little ones fear of the dark and also provide a fun toy to play with during the day.

Tabletop Puppet Theater and Toy Shop, $129.99

How many parents TRULY wish they could tell their children to use their imagination and be creative? I do on a regular basis. So often in today’s overly stimulated environment it is too easy to tell a child to watch TV or play a video game. Let’s have them create a play that we can watch. This toy is two toys in one. You can open up the shop or let the curtains down for a puppet theatre. Converts from a theatre to a toy shop in a matter of seconds. If you want to buy some hand puppets, HABA has plenty of those available to purchase as well. Use promo code FAVEMOM15 for 15% off your purchase. This is made in Bulgaria, not China.

Pirate’s Treasure Play Tent, $149.99

Set sail with this lovely Pirate’s Treasure Tent from HABA. There are two port hole windows on each side to keep watch at sea. Sailor themed designs are sewn, not printed onto the tent. It can be folded completely down for easy storage. All materials are free from harmful chemicals such as fire retardants, water repellents, BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Say you don’t see your fave item in the above FaVe Mom’s Gift Guide for Toddlers, that’s ok. Head over to and get 15% off with promo code FAVEMOM15. It’s valid until January 31, 2015.



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