FaVe Mom

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32, Married, Military Wife & Mom!

I love my husband, my children, giraffes, purple, gerbera daisies, polka dots, diet mountain dew, and guns but not necessarily in that order. ❤☀ FaVe Mom

Before you read any further I feel it is important to tell you that I love my children dearly with all of my heart. Despite any venting or frustrating rants that you might read here because therapy is far too expensive and hasn’t worked thus far.

You’ve heard it all before but you probably won’t get a more candid viewpoint anywhere else. Most moms won’t share with you the conversations and things that I share with you because they are afraid you will assume they don’t love their children, they’re a bad mom, or heaven forbid you might think less of them. Since you already are well aware that I love my children, I’m entirely off the hook and will proceed to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly, exactly like it is. Like me, love me, leave me or let me be, but either way you’ll get the truth.

I work full time in the legal industry during the week, sometimes from home, but sometimes in my office. I handle PR and social media for multiple companies including the best baby and children products on the market. Don’t tell me how skilled you are at social media. Trust me honey, I’ve been doing it longer. I sit back and laugh at all of those people that said social media won’t increase sales. FaVe Mom laughs last. Learn it, like it, and love it. I’ve got multiple twitter handles, facebook pages, instagram, pinterest, Google+, Polyvore and Olioboard accounts. . I am a mother of a 13 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. I run a nonprofit for military children called Celebrate the Military Child with another mom blogger Frances.

I’ve never foreseen myself as a mother with the option of staying at home. We have bills to pay, alas, I must go to work. Regardless of any frustration, depression, stress, etc. As dad always says, “Up and at ‘em with the rising sun.” We’ve survived thus far. We have wondrous days and absolutely horrendous days, but must of the time we just get through the day. Laughing keeps me sane. Besides, we all know just how funny I am. I’m totally hysterical and you know it. (insert funky dance moves to “I’m Sexy and I Know It” here.)

With all that said, if you still want to know more keep reading.

I live between Los Angeles and San Diego, love daisies, giraffes, purple, polka dots, diet mountain dew, doritos, and guns. Not necessarily in that order. (Though I do know how you play.)

I’m Catholic, which by the way, is Christian. I am a California National Guard Army wife, Marine Corp daughter, Navy granddaughter, and Air Force Godmother/sister. I know that I’m very unoriginal and fit most cliches. I won’t try to deny it if you ask me. Ill-advised, indiscreet, & injudicious individuals infuriate I. So, does the fact that 24 is no longer on the air. I know that last statement was completely redundant and if you agree with me, then we are certainly destined to be great friends.

I think/know OJ did it.  I will not watch a movie before reading the book and that includes The Hunger Games; before you ask. The book is always better than the movie and thus far there have been no exceptions.

My household is consistently chaotic, frequently crazy, rarely calm, constantly funny, occasionally normal, consistently organized, typically fun, and perpetually loving.


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I live between our Nation's Capital and North Carolina, love daisies, giraffes, purple, polka dots, Diet Mountain Dew, Doritos, and guns. Not necessarily in that order. I know that I’m very unoriginal and fit most cliches. I won’t try to deny it if you ask me. Ill-advised, indiscreet, and injudicious individuals infuriate I.