Exclusive Interview with Rising Star Raffey Cassidy about “Tomorrowland”.

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At the “Tomorrowland” Press Junket, we had an exclusive interview with rising star Raffey Cassidy about “Tomorrowland”. Imagine being Raffey Cassidy and being able to act with everyone from Charlize Theron to George Clooney. The most exciting thing for me at 12 was definitely winning some small time competition or an award at school. Read all about our exclusive interview with Raffey Cassidy below.

Carmen: You’re from England when you were filming “Tomorrowland” how did your mom handle the situation? You were gone a lot obviously and you’re so young, you were 12 during most of the filming. 

Raffey: She was really excited for me, but my whole family traveled with me to Canada, because we’re such a close family, I mean it would be hard to be away from them for that long, so we all just traveled. 

Carmen: I know that you have a lot of siblings that are all actors, how does your mom handle that? Does she phone you constantly? 

Raffey: Mom and Dad always say to fax us when we get to some place, but we stay in touch and even being actors we visit each other and try to come home as much as we can. We still live back in England, so we travel back and forth.

Carmen: I know you’ve worked with a lot of stars in Hollywood including Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Joan Collins, Chris Hemsworth, and now George Clooney, do you look up to any of them as mentors?

Raffey: I look up to all of them. I’ve learned so much from everybody I’ve worked with and also Britt, she was great and George because they’ve done so well and I think that they’re just very great.

Carmen: It was great to see the relationship and George making faces at you. It was so cute and very funny. So, I’m not calling George Clooney old or what not but Frank having to admit falling in love with a robot. How strange was that as a grown adult falling in love with a robot? How was that?

Raffey: Well, I mean I know when Frank was young that was more the romantic thing but, then I mean created emotions for Athena as Frank got older and came back it was more of a best friend reuniting instead of a romantic thing that’s what I kind of think and Frank kind of thinks as well she’s not falling in love with, It’s more of a friendship.


Carmen: He knows you’re a robot so it’s his facial expressions that seem sadder. I know a lot of the scenes are really funny and you as a robot couldn’t show emotion or laugh how hard was that? You’re 13 where everything is funny when we’re bored we start laughing at silly things. Was that hard for you during filming? 

Raffey: Well, I mean, that’s part of the scene, Athena doesn’t show emotions, so it’s separate from me. In between scenes, I would laugh of course. 

Carmen: So, our blog is all about favorites. What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re out here or back at home not working on a movie?

Raffey: I really like doing specialty makeup, I really enjoy that. I like doing gymnastics, I mean my main hobby is special effects. I got a little set for Christmas and it really took off and I really enjoy it. Well, I mean I’d like a job doing acting and then makeup and then maybe acting and makeup on the same job.

Carmen: So, being a mom blog as parents we often get accused of having a favorite child. Do your parents have a favorite child out of all you kids?

Raffey: Oh gosh, well, I hope not. I mean we’ll have to ask them, but gosh, no.

Carmen: So, they don’t play favorites as far as you can tell.

Raffey: No, I don’t think so I mean our family won’t stand for it, we’d tell them if they were truly our favorite.

Carmen: Do you have a favorite sibling?

Raffey: No, I love them all. They all love doing such different things. They’re very unique.

She was such a lovely and sweet girl, we know that the future for Miss Raffey Cassidy is going to be very bright. She’s so intelligent and mature for her young age of 13. She was amazing as Athena in “Tomorrowland” so we can’t wait to see what is in store for her future.



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