Dungeons & Dragons Start Up Basics

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I want people to encourage the playing of Dungeons and Dragons.  But every new activity requires some basic equipment.  And unlike the video game world (that is actually the outgrowth  of D&D play), the entry point isn’t $300 console minimum.  Here is the Dungeons and Dragons Basics that you will want to get for your kids to play.

Basics to begin dungeons and dragons | Favemom.com

Start up guide book

This is basically D&D in a box.  You can use this to play your first game ever.  And it will work once or twice.  After that you’ll want to have more things, because again this is just a starter pack.  But my son claims he and his friends could play for a few hours just on this set.  So it’s a must have.  My son still uses it just about every time he plays it’s that useful.

Snack Basics for D&D | Favemom.comSnacks

This might seem silly to mention, ut once you start playing it could be a couple hours before you finish, so make sure there are some good snacks on hand.  No need to create a Super Bowl spread –it’s just D&D– but try to have something tasty around that is finger food and low mess.  Favorites include mixed nuts, popcorn and drinks of preference (oddly the teen boys coming around want Naked Juice and V8 –proving that millenial Juice trends are trickling down)

Basics to Play Dungeons and Dragons | Favemom.com

Player Book

Once you have used your starter kit for a few plays you will immediately see that the Player book is needed.  And at times I think the entire game would be better if everyone had this book and actually read it (getting all your friends to read these books cover to cover can be a struggle, but it really does help).

asics to Play D&D | Favemom.comCharacter Sheets

Every player needs a character sheet.  This is who you are and what you can (and can’t do) in the game.  You’ll go through lots of these if you play with a group and play weekly, like my son and friends.  So get a pack and use them.

Basic Equipment for Dungeons and Dragons  Play | FaveMom.com

Dungeon Master Book

One of the  most appealing aspects of D&D is that players can be the Dungeon Master (i.e. Game God).  And this role is one everyone wants to play once they have seen the fun a few times.  The trick is that you need a bit more training.  Trust me!!!  If you just show up and try to be the Dungeon Master everyone will find the game boring and will vote for a reboot and a new Dungeon Master.


Basics to Play Dungeons & Dragons | FaveMom.comDice

If you bought the starter pack you got dice, but it really helps if people have some of their own dice.  And let’s be honest it’s some kind of strange status symbol to have cool dice.  To have lots of dice and to have lots of different dice.  Will my son ever use every set of dice he owns in a single game.  Actually he will because when he is Dungeon Master he supplies all the dice.  But so do other Dungeon Masters when they lead.  And besides, who doesn’t need another do-decahedron die?  Right?


And that’s it, you can play Dungeons and Dragons.  So go #playd&d

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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