#DisneySMMoms on the Road

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#DisneySMMoms on the Road took place at Berkeley, CA. I was happy to be back home. The Claremont Hotel is gorgeous. Unlike others who believe it is haunted, I don’t. It’s not haunted and I’ve stayed there and lived to tell about it so obviously, I’m completely accurate in my assessments.

The Claremont is 1.5 miles from the UC Berkeley Campus. This is another attractive feature for people traveling from out of town to see their children at the nearby university. Additionally, the Claremont Resort offers a generous military discount.

Claremont Hotel Resort & Spa Claremont Hotel Resort & Spa how most of us are use to seeing it. At night. Our Pure Room with Bay Side Views

Traci from Diaper Bag Confessions and I shared the above room. It was nice, clean, and spacious. Our views were hindered by the horrible rainy weather, but it was still a nice room. The bed was soft and I slept better than I had in days. When I crashed, I wasn’t waking up until my alarm sounded and told me to. HAHA

Traci showed me drawings that her boys had made her for the trip. My son didn’t make me any drawings. 🙁 He’s 9 years old, almost 10 and didn’t feel the need to tell me he’d miss me. He was going to have too much fun with his Lolo and Lola. I will be posting more about what I learned during the #DisneySMMoms on the Road Conference here soon. Until then, if you’re in Berkeley, CA, I’m jealous.



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