Disney’s Christopher Robin Teaser Trailer and Poster

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Disney's Christopher Robin Trailer Live-Action Winnie-the-Pooh #ChristopherRobin #WinniethePooh #Disney

Disney’s Christopher Robin may become the guide book through a midlife crisis.  Adulting is hard (so you can scroll down to get all the feels from the trailer if you are in crisis mode).  I don’t like to complain about adulting, but the hardest part is how easily the focus narrows to a tunnel vision of success.  That tunnel vision leads to feelings of uncertainty as we hustle for worthiness.  Worthiness we think will come from what monetary gains can bring.  And it takes an old friend to remind us that adulting is about the parts that give back and the people that love always.  Who better to remind each of us of that than Winnie the Pooh and the gang.  So let’s talk Pooh!

Man in hat with confused look at stuffed toy yellow bear with red shirt
Christopher Robin (Ewan MacGregor) meets his childhood friend Winnie-The-Pooh

In this live action adventure, Christopher Robin is now all grown up (see how this might be more me than my kids).  All his adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood are behind him and he is stuck in an overworked, underpaid job with an uncertain future.  His family is there for him, but he spends little time with his wife and daughter.  And that bear is all but forgotten.  Through the magic of movie coincidence Winnie-the-Pooh, now a tattered and soiled stuffed-bear (cause years of being fave playmate might be harder on a bear than adulting on me) finds his way into Christopher Robin’s path.

You need to see how Pooh talks to Christopher Robin in the trailer.

Oh my word I get goosebumps watching this trailer. We’ve all been there with responsibilities loaded too high and too heavy.  Great opportunities missed.  Feeling that we are locked into situations that keep us from loving the life we built.  Then we hear a voice so calm, so kind and so loving that it just isn’t so hard any more.  A voice like Winnie-the-Pooh’s.

I want to hear the voice whenever life feels heavy.

There will also be Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger to help Christopher Robin deal with a briefcase mishap and reconnect with all the joy life has to offer through family and fun.

Now sign me up to for a few days of nothing to do in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Or at least couldn’t the movie come out sooner than August 3, 2018.  Guess I will watch this an all our Disney trailers until then on a giant loop.

Watch the trailer for Disney's Christopher Robin and hear the voice of childhood call you back #WinnethePooh #ChristopherRobin #Disneymovies #2018movies

Annette Barney

Annette Barney

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