Coordinate Your Favorite Place

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Coordinate Your Favorite Place in a tattoo or a piece of jewelry. Ok, so I’m usually the one that writes about Walt Disney World Resort and Disney-Pixar movie reviews. Well, let me start from a concept idea I had and then you’ll see the Disney part of the story as it’s told.

Cinderella Castle coordinates! Home….

The concept idea is coordinates of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort,Magic Kingdom Park. The coordinates are the longitude and latitude of where something is located, the coordinates. So, my idea was to put this on a shirt, a tank, a hat, anything to spell out where my favorite place is other than my first home. The idea took root and my friend at magicalrunconcierge designed just that shirt. Every time I wear the shirt it will remind me of my second most favorite place to spend with my friends and family. I have other ideas for coordinates of other Disney landmarks, and hope to see them realized in time as well, really cool concept ideas.

The tattoo part comes in because I wanted to have these coordinates put on my ankle, like an anklet, forever reminding me where my “happy place” is. But in thinking about getting a tattoo, I had to remind myself, I’m 50 not 18. This was something I would have engraved on my skin FOREVER, drop the mic, idea off the table.

But, I discussed this idea with my family and they all agreed, tattoo no go… so with that a new concept was born. My son is headed off to Maritime College at the end of Summer and he was getting a tattoo, he is 18…. it makes sense. He loved the idea of longitude and latitude of our home, our families home, the place where we live, work, and spend precious time together. He will be on a ship thousands of miles away for a large part of his college experience,so he wants to have something to remind him of home,always and  FOREVER. He got this amazing tattoo of an anchor,compass and longitude and latitude of HOME. I love it, he loves it, it’s perfect for him and his new experience.

Longitude and latitude of our home , along with Maritime symbols.

Life is all about experiences, whether we are spending them with family, friends, on a vacation,or at college. So, for him a tattoo is not taboo, for me, it seems it is.

Disney tattoos are quiet popular and I have many a friend that wears one proudly, as you should if you love something and it has meaning in your life. That’s what it’s all about, a concept, an idea. The idea has to be right for you, and in the end it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says.

Do what makes you happy. You do you, coordinates and all.



I live between our Nation's Capital and North Carolina, love daisies, giraffes, purple, polka dots, Diet Mountain Dew, Doritos, and guns. Not necessarily in that order. I know that I’m very unoriginal and fit most cliches. I won’t try to deny it if you ask me. Ill-advised, indiscreet, and injudicious individuals infuriate I.