Concussion Awareness for Young Athletes

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King-Devick Test

With so many youth sports being played all over the country as well as featured experiences at ESPN Wide World Of Sports at Walt Disney World Resort, concussion awareness is information that is both relevant and educational.


For example,some events happening at ESPN Wide World of Sports in 2017:


Disney’s Memorial Day Soccer Shootout.

Come enjoy an exciting weekend at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex’s largest 3-day youth U-9-U-19 ( age groups) soccer tournament! Disney Memorial Day Soccer Shootout attracts  more than 650 teams yearly to compete in this tournament. Over 1,000 games played in three days.-(that’s a lot of kids playing at a competitive level and in a very physical sporting event)

There are also Football events and Baseball tournaments for youth as well.

Pop Warner Super Bowl Client Event
December 1 – December 9, 2017
The 2017 Pop Warner Super Bowl will take place December 1 – 9 at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Youth ages in both boys and girls age

ESPN Wide World of Sports

As the mother of two very active adult boys ages 18 and 19, both surf , play varsity soccer, varsity swimming, lacrosse and are just active young men and have been their entire lives. This concussion testing and awareness is paramount in importance to me.

As a mother I feel very strongly about the implementation  of concussion screening and staying healthy to continue to play.Too many times concussions go undetected and can have lasting effects on the child’s brain development.
My passion to keep my boys safe is number 1 in my “playbook” and that’s one reason I want to share this important information with all those parents out there with children playing sports at any youth level.

Together we can help our children stay safe on the field, court, or wherever they “play” their sport.

Together we can spread the word about the importance of education and awareness through websites I will share with you.

Remove From Play is a website designed to promote concussion awareness among Coaches and athletes through “The King-Devick test”and “Remove From Play testing.”

Helpful websites to research and educate both parents, schools and coaches.

Please spread the word to keep our youth safe and continue to play hard, succeed at their sport and have fun!

Remove From Play Website – RFP Website
– Remove From Play “Team Mom” Digital Playbook – Remove From Play
– Remove From Play social media channels:
– Demonstration video – Video
I’m hoping that these websites and the tools provided within will help schools and youth teams across the country to be aware and educated in the prevention of injuries to our young children. Also I hope to  help educate coaches to look for the signs of a possible concussion and take the necessary steps to help prevent them.

To quote Disney’s High School Musical ( a movie about a HS basketball team) “We’re all in this together “!



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