Compression Socks Get an Upgrade

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This is not your grandparents compression socks!Design meet Function with Vim &Vigr

They don’t even call themselves compression socks. Vim & Vigr is Compression Legwear.

Weirdly enough, I had just been talking to my father about compression socks. His main concern was he only ever saw them in white. My father is a black sock kinda man. Next thing you know I am walking the halls of Las Vegas Market, and I basically stumble into Vim & Vigr on my 5th day of market. Me with my tired legs and my swollen feet. It was destiny I met them. Got talking with the team and walked out with a pair to try.

Here are my happy feet. Purple and Charcoal Argyle in the Women’s Cotton. Wore them all day, washed them and then repeat.

If you are like me, you might not know the benefits of compression legwear. I mean really understand it. Vim&Vigr has a great information on their website. I am just gonna repeat some so you can start your own compression legwear journey.


SITTING  for 90 MINUTES  or more can cause blood flow below the knees to decrease by 50%, significantly increasing the chance of blood clots and reduces the amount of freshly oxygenated blood.

STANDING being on your feet puts 20% GREATER STRAIN on the circulatory system and on the legs and feet, which can cause fatigue and varicose veins.

EXERCISING using compression legwear after working out increases the tissue oxygen recovery rate and has been shown to REDUCE MUSCLE SORENESS by 28%.

If you just though compression socks were just for traveling or pregnancy think again.


Ahh the beauty of science- Vim & Vigr socks apply therapeutic pressure that starts at the ankle and goes up.  The reason to help increase the circulation of fresh oxgenated blood back to your legs. 

Have I lost you yet in the science? All you really need to know is compression socks help prevent swelling, aid in muscle recovery, energize your legs and the best SLOW DOWN PROGRESSION of spider and varicose veins.



Who else always asks the question — what about washing? Since these are not your ordinary socks, you might worry you have to do something special. Here is my sock after the wash — inside out. Why? I am lazy. Any way the sock comes off my foot is how it goes in the wash. The threads you would see on any argyle sock. They did not bother me when I was wearing them.

I do have a delicate load. This really is for me to remember to hang certain things to dry and not put in the dry. Vim & Vigr suggest you hang dry the socks. When I asked if it was ok to put them in a dry, they told me the tightness of the sock would not last as long. Basically, don’t panic if it ends up in the dry every once in a while. The way I dry things like this — wash in cold/warm water, put in dryer on delicate or low heat. This really is to remove any excess water and then hang dry with my other dedicates. Like I said, they suggest straight hang drying. In my family, dripping clothing in the bathroom leads to a husband/wife argument. I can lose a little tightness in the sock.



Yes you can have the basic black and brown. You can get the socks in Wool, Cotton, Nylon, and Moisture-Wick Nylon. They have women’s and men’s styles. There is an option for higher compression and for wide calf socks. I really should have gotten the wide calf sock. Mine were a little tight around the knees. Beyond the sock is the option of tights in nylon.

Patterns range from Argyle, Fair Isle, Polka Dots, Queen’s Floral, Stripes, Solids, and Camo.

If I could I would throw out all my old socks and go full on compression socks because no one but you would know you’re wearing them. Unless of course, your tell everyone about how awesome the socks are and what they are doing for your body.




Vim & Vigr return policy — “ If they don’t fit well, no problem, we’d gladly exchange or issue a refund. “

They have a helpful sizing guide. Hey, if you get it wrong you can return them and get a different size.

Priced around $33 per pair varies slightly by material.

Order 3 or more socks and shipping is on them.

If you go to their website now, Vim & Vigr, they have a 14% off till Valentines.


It was great to meet the team of Vim & Vigr. I got to try something I was curious about. Testing a pair was better than just reading about it. I think for my largish calves I should have gotten something from their Wide Calf Selection. On my wish list is about 4 other pairs in 4 different styles and material. My next question is how do the different materials feel.

                                                                                     Keep on dancing,

                                                     SOCIAL SARAH

Compresion socks have had an update and you need to try them for sooo many reasons |




Social Sarah

Social Sarah

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