Children Ages 5 – 7 Gift Ideas

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Children Ages 5 - 7 Gift Ideas
Children Ages 5 – 7 Gift Ideas

Childhood is a magical time when your children are between the ages of 5-7 and here are some helpful gift ideas. Being a parent to a child between the ages of 5-7 can sometimes feel well not so magical.


Face it, your little baby has grown up (a smidgen) and outside forces are helping guide your child’s decision in what their wishlist  has on it. I call this the KIDS LEMMING EFFECT. Great example, the little boy who came home from Kindergarten asking for an American Girl Doll. When asked what was an American Girl doll, his response was I don’t know but my friend asked for it and I like her. We are all for a boy having a doll, just want it to be a doll he wants not what his friend wants. Kid lemming effect in full force.


To combat the kid lemming effect, I suggest getting a few toy catalogues together. Have your child go through the catalogues and circle things they want. You will see lots of circles. Maybe they circled more science type toys, or craft type toys. This will give you insight into what your child really is into with out getting the kids’ lemming effect to much.

Some of my favorite catalogues are HEARTHSONG, YOUNG EXPLORERS, MAGIC CABIN and LAKESHORE LEARNING. If there is a local toy store in your area, take your child in (no I have not gone crazy) ask them to walk the aisles and select only 3 things they would really want and tell you why. Or you can just read below some of the toys, I have picked out to help with your shopping.


Stocking stuffers are meant to keep a child happy and busy between the time child wakes up and parent has had the first cup of coffee, (maybe also the family breakfast.)

 You can put in the traditional Candy Cane, Orange, Chocolate Coins and Socks. All of these can be found in checkout lanes at toy stores, grocery stores, museum shops– Almost anywhere. Here we have a traditional wooden plane, sticky starfish, HOT WHEELS Peanut  car (ToysRUs) , Magic rock (Children’s Museum),  STAR WARS bubble bath (Target), and Mars mud. Plenty of activities for a morning of fun.  I wanna see the magic rocks form myself. A few other fun stocking stuffer ideas are, TEGU BLOCKS, SLINKY DINK, and small LEGO box.



“I NEED” and “I WANT”

The wants and needs of a young child are so hard to decipher. The “I need” and “I want” is still mixed into one at this age. Let’s face it, there are days, even as adults the things we want can be the things we need and visa versa.


LIVIN THE DREAM with the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S, up to $829

Just like the real deal, the kids version does have a big price tag if you fully customize it. A basic version is around $499. See as a mom, I am like wow this is pricey. The kid in me says (as I jump up and down) I want, I need, I want. From picking a premium Tesla paint color, to customize plates, selecting the rims, and battery selection. You can make any kid feel like the own the sidewalk, the playground and well that even at a young age drive a better car then you. Yes, I am jealous! The car’s age range is 3-8 with a max weight limit of 81 lbs. Battery is either standard or Long Range Lithium Ion Batteries. They have thought of everything.


Now if the Tesla is not your thing, might I suggest the Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-Bar, $130. The Micro Maxi age range is 6-10. It has lean to steer technology. The wheel’s were made for a smooth glide for urban or suburban pavement. A kid has gotta have some wheels. Another great option for getting around the neighborhood is the Mobo Mobito youth, $350 with a weight capacity of 180 lbs, your kid will get years of uses out of it. The three wheeled cruiser has ergonomic back support and adjustable frame. 









Getting outdoors is what 2017 is all about. Have you seen  Step 2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set, $60

The center pole can be adjusted to a height of 48′, 60, 72″. Perfect for the beginner basketball player. Uses a size 3 basketball, perfect for small hands.


For the crafting child the options are endless.  Check out the Crayola Crayon Factory, $35. Melt and mold broken crayons into custom creations. Your child gets to create and reuse broken crayons. Comes with three molds. You can purchase more molds. Remember that this is a machine that gets hot. Adult supervision is needed. It takes about 10 minutes to make a crayon. The results are awesome and kids love drawing with crayons they made.  Art Supplies are another great option.Crayola Crayon Ultraclean Washable Market Kit, $25 comes with 64 ct. crayons, 10 ultra clean washable markers, 10 mini-stampers, 16ct metallic crayons, 8 ct. neon crayons and a sketch pad. Everything needed to get your little artist started.

For the kid who really is into science and the questions of HOW AND WHY, check out  Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit, $25. It is all about the science behind the magic. Chemicals include baking soda, vegetable oil, and red cabbage powder. Supplies have test tubes, measuring scoops and activity guide. There is always the fun  Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium, $12. Craft, plant, water, grow. How cool is this activity. You plant wheat and chia seeds in a jar, add some glow-in-the-dark stickers and you have a terrarium at night.




Superhero’s and movie stars lead to imaginary battles of saving the world. A cult favorite is STAR WARS. All a kid really needs is a Star Wars Lightsaber, $20  for a basic light up lightsaber. Best bet is to purchase two of the light sabers, your child can battle with his friends during a playdate. If it is superhero’s you need, take a look at DC Superhero’s Girls Triple Team Collection, $27. Comes with Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Poison Ivy figures. Each action figure is 6″ tall. Perfect for the child who wants to save the world.


Every child needs the token holiday clothing item. Besides for socks — which I find to be a perfectly good present. Especially when they are STAR WARS and SUPERHERO socks. Have fun hunting down the funny socks. Even better when you put them in a big box but it is a small gift. Helps teach a child that not all things in big boxes are the bests gifts. Besides for socks, a good outdoor jacket is important. Why not give them something that is a great gift and takes care of your need to keep your child warm.


Patagonia Fleece Vest, $79, and Nano Puff, $99. The company is all about supporting the environment. I love that the focus on their product is imperative but, also the earth.



Sometimes we just need to wear something to feel silly. The mermaid tale and shark tale blankets are all a rage. Have you seen the the NEW Rainbow Ombre Original Blankie Mermaid Tail, $40. It is a limited edition tail with cascading color. Machine washable and fits most kids 3-12 years old. The  Blankie Shark Tail, $40 comes in 4 color options. Even the teeth are soft. These blankets scream family movie night.




Time to expand your child’s library.

Eloise Books, $12   Who is Eloise?  “Eloise is a little girl who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Not pretty  yet but she is already a person that Henry James would want to study. Queen Victoria would recognize her as an Equal.The New York Jets would want to have her on their side.”

Treasure Island Classic Start Series, $7, the stories are abridge. A great beginner read to pirates, buried treasure and Long John Silver.

Dory Fantasmagory$8 Dory outsmarts monsters, exacts revenge on her sister’s favorite doll, and most of all she proves her bravery. The Dory Fantasmagory is part of a 3 book series. If you enjoyed one, you will enjoy the others. It is the new must-read for the chapter book set. The Adventures of Captain Underpants, $5 is the first book in a the Captain Underpants Series. Great for the beginner and the chapter-book reader. It is all about the greatest superhero in the history of elementary school. The kid is such a superhero he doesn’t even know it.

I would be remised if I did not mention some classic stories perfect for this age group: Winds in The Willows, Amelia Bedilia, and Peter Pan. Watching your child light up when they open up a book is pure magic.


For the end of the holiday day, a good activity to keep your child happy and you happy. Twister, $22, is a great family game to get everyone up off the couch and laugh. Followed by a relaxing puzzle and some hot chocolate.






Ravensburger 100- 200 piece puzzles, $8-20, are the right size for the 5-7 age group. They’ll fill grown up.

Enjoy the magical time you have with your child this holiday season. What ever you choose to give them, just remember if it has a lot of parts, you will step on it. Focus on your child’s interests just not all their interests….your house might not be big enough.




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