We’re all foodies here. Here are some of our favorite recipes and foods we love.

A finished bowl of Mediterranean Kale and Quinoa

Mediterranean Kale Quinoa Bowl

Do you remember the early 2000s when everything was in a wrap? Well now everything is in a bowl, because
Oregano Greek Dressing

Stacy’s Oregano Greek Dressing

My sister in law created this oregano greek dressing (you’ll see that most of my recipes come from her---her genius
Berries with Mint Salad

Mixed Berry Fruit Salad with Mint

This is plain and simple berries at their best. A touch of fresh mint simply makes the sweet berries better.
Have a bowl of Keto Granola

Easy Homemade Keto Granola Recipe

This keto granola recipe was actually developed by my husband (he was actually the better cook when we got married). 

Adults Love Walt Disney World Too

Adults love Walt Disney World too and it's time we talk about how Walt Disney World Resorts have won us over. Recently,

Top Disney Dos for Young Adults

Top Disney Dos for Young Adults are super important,and as the holidays  approach, I think back to the memories made
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