Building Police Cars!

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Building Police Car,  Helicopter,  Swat Patrol Car, Patrol Boat, Patrol Police, Patrol Ship, Prison Van and Command Car was better suited for a little kid. Building Police Cars!I asked my friend Beach to help me review Newisland 358 Pice City Mini Set.

The story of Beach and the police vehicles, transcribed by Mom.

I like receiving mail. Big brown shipping boxes are the best. They can hold some cool stuff. Mom said this was for me to help try out. I love helping my mom.

There was one big box and inside of it there were 4 smaller boxes. Building Police Cars! 2Mom said I could only open one box at a time. Ah shucks. Each box had a few plastic bags. I wanted to rip them open. I was super excited. I did rip the first bag open and the little pieces went everywhere. Mom helped find them.

We looked at the instructions. Mom said the age started at 6. I am close to 6, so it was ok. The instructions were a little hard for me to understand. Maybe when I am 8, I will understand the pictures. After mom and I made the first car, I just figured it out the others by looking at the pictures. Sometimes I needed mom to help me get the pieces to stick together.

We made all the police cars in one sitting. I loved it. I rolled the cars all over the place. They fit in my hands. Mom asked me if there was anything I didn’t like. The people only sat on the motorcycle. That’s ok, they can run after their cars.

I got to play with dad and we had lots of fun.


A Father’s View Point: I grew up with lego’s. I have great memories of building and creating worlds. It is wonderful to play with these police vehicles. What I liked about them was they were different from Lego’s. Different vehicles means you are not the same– cool. I also like the price $10.50. (Yes, I asked my wife for the pricetag.)  The size is perfect for carrying in a bag for playing in the car or even if your out at a meal. Small enough for transportation, Big enough for imagination.

Beach’s Mom’s View Point: Great toy for many reasons. The price is really good. I think this would make a great roadtrip toy.

Slowly pulling out one of the boxes to keep the child occupied. You can slowly open each bag meaning there are not parts everywhere. They say you can turn the 8 vehicles into 4 larger ones. We have not been able to try this, as all the instructions were on one page and we lost that small page. This does not stop the creativity. Luckily my son doesn’t remember you could make bigger toys from the smaller one. At some point, he will just create his own bigger vehicle.

The pieces if they get mixed in with other lego’s is ok– they are compatible. I tried because yes they did get thrown in the big tub of lego’s.

A downside for me, the mom, and this is a general downside for all these type toys — no travel bag. This is a great on the road, at grandma’s house, used as a meal distraction but it would be great if it came with a basic travel bag. You could use a ziploc bag or an Itzy-Ritzy reusable sandwichbag, a Ju-Ju-Be BeSet or a part of a Be Organized.

As a family, We played with these through the holiday season. They held up to car trips, dog paws, active play and sitting on the coffee table. 

 Beach’s family totally recommends this toy for playtime, roadtrips, grandparents house, gifts. We give it two thumbs up.
This toy was received in exchange for a review.
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