Boutique Blogger : Capturing Walt Disney World Resort

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Boutique Blogger : Capturing Walt Disney World Resort

I am by most accounts, a “boutique blogger”. What does that mean exactly, it means I write for a smaller audience. But just because that audience is smaller, doesn’t mean it’s not influenced or in some way drawn to these type blogs or the brands I blog about.

While most bloggers are moving and shaking to get the next brand to represent, I am writing about what I already love, and the few brands I have come to represent as an Ambassador.

Does this mean my worth as a blogger is less? I like to think not. I have an amazing intimate group of followers that love the small group we created here at my blog.

Is a chef less of a chef if she/he works at a small fine dining room. Is a dancer or singer less talented if their voice or their talents are never branded?

I have asked myself would I want to give up my small jewelry design business, my role in our family as the CEO, my job as my husbands sidekick to chase brands full time? I always answered no, hence “boutique blogger”.


If you asked those that read my blog, follow my blog or just stop by from time to time to see what’s new with my passion for Disney, I venture to say they would all agree, I’m just the right fit…..


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Ellen Cusack

Ellen Cusack

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