Best Highchair for Babies

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 What is the Best Highchair for Your Babies

When it comes time to feed a hungry baby it’s not always easy or clean. The right highchair will save your life and your sanity if you’re a neat freak. The Best Highchairs of 2014 will consist of multiple brands that I’ve personally used and loved. Almost all highchairs have a frame with an attached seat, harness or belt and a footrest. If you’re overwhelmed with the limitless options of highchairs I’m here to help you narrow down those choices.

You’ve got wooden, plastic and metal highchairs. You’ve got classic and modern style highchairs. You’ve got basic highchairs, mid-priced highchairs, high-end and high-priced highchairs,  booster chairs, and portable hook-on chairs. That’s just the beginning, and it gets more elaborate and overwhelming from there. Now you’ve gotta decide on the features like the restraint system or safety harness, seat adjustable or not, crotch post, wheels, detachable trays, foldability, seat covers or upholstery, does it have toys, etc.

If you’re inundated with the options I gave you above, then let me help you decide. The highchairs listed here have been used by me personally and therefore it’s an account of my honest opinion, the good, bad, and indifferent. I’ve taken a very hands-on approach to make sure that my highchair picks are the safest and best. I’ve opened and closed the fasteners on the safety harnesses. I’ve tested the trays. I’ve checked for a crotch post. I’ve adjusted the seat height. I’ve accessed, changed and washed the seat covers. I’ve made sure any wheels can be locked on highchairs that have wheels. I checked to make sure all edges are smooth and not rough. I’ve checked to make sure there are no small parts that a baby could choke on. I’ve folded and unfolded and I’ve shaken them to see a) how heavy they are and b) to make sure nothing was going to pop off. 🙂  I’ve made sure there is a certification sticker (not the FaVe Mom Approved Seal) that shows me that the manufacturer voluntarily met the standards set by ASTM and that it participates in the certification program administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Any certified highchair has to have a completely bounded opening, a passive crotch restraint, and at least a three-point harness, but like with car seats five point harnesses are considered safer and the harness must pass the pulling tests. Highchairs have to meet the requirements for a locking device to prevent accidental folding, secure caps and plugs or small parts, be sturdy, break-resistant trays, stable base that won’t tip over, there can be no exposed springs, pinch points or other areas that can harm little fingers before it can be certified. I’ll note whether the highchair is JPMA certified below.

Types of Highchairs Below – Modern, Traditional and Wooden (Booster seats aren’t really for babies, so I’ll review those in a later post.


Some of you are very fashion forward and modern. If your home is all about clean and sleek design finishes, then a modern highchair will be where your eye instantly veers. Black & white along with silver are all about chic and they add that bit of glamour to your already gorgeous kitchen I’m sure. Smart technology and innovative features make modern highchairs a talked about piece that fits into your babies lifestyle and yours.

Nuna Zaaz Highchair – $250.00

Specs:  ♥ H 34.3/31.9 ” x W 17.7 ” x D 22.8″ ♥ 22 lbs ♥ From 6 months to 220 pounds

Pros: ♥ 5 point safety harness ♥ hidden lift behind footrest adjust height

Cons:  º Expensive º Tray doesn’t have many positions º larger footrest º some easier way to move it, after all it’s 22lbs. º Not JPMA Certified

The Nuna ZAAZ™ is beautiful and converts from highchair (minus the tray) to adult chair. The ZAAZ is exceedingly safety tested, comfortable, customizes to any size and matches your pre-baby lifestyle. It is customizable to size, height and squirminess. Hidden lift behind the foot rest adjusts height easily. Five-point harness keeps baby safe. Can switch to three-point as the child gets older. Air foam cushion custom-fits each chair and pads to child. No-crevice design makes it easier to clean. Removable plastic pieces are dishwasher safe. Sleek legs and awesome color options including purple make it feel like designer furniture verses a misplaced highchair. BPA, PVC, and DEHP free.

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair – $299.99

Specs:  ♥ 41.2″ x 23.7″ x 29.5″ ♥ 23.15 lbs

Pros: ♥ 5 point safety harness ♥ 3 position adjustable footrest ♥ 5 reclining positions ♥ 9 height positions ♥ JPMA Certified

Cons:  º Expensive º Isn’t free Standing when folded º Can’t machine wash padding

Let me start by saying this absolutely is NOT my favorite modern highchair, but so many of my friends absolutely love it. It is multifunctional and ultra-compact that accommodates a child from birth to 45 pounds. If you have 9lb 5oz babies like me, this isn’t for you. The Siesta doubles as a recliner (five recline positions and nine height positions) and can be used for playing and resting. There is a removable tray and multiple height positions so the child can sit at the table. It has floor-friendly caster wheels but, I’ve heard this is one of the major complaints. It’s hard to move and heavy weighing in at over 23 pounds. It has six beautiful and vivid colors to choose from and the Prima Classe fabric can quickly be wiped clean with a damp cloth but not thrown in the washing machine.

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift – $229.00

Specs:  ♥  24″ x 24″ x 42″ ♥  32 lbs

Pros: ♥ Easy to Move ♥ Easy Height Adjusting ♥ 5 point safety harness ♥ Wow Outer-space Factor ♥ 4 bold colors

Cons:  º Expensive º Bulky bottom takes up a lot of space º Not as easy to clean as described º tray is small º limited color options º It’s heavy º not JPMA Certified

The great thing about the Boon Flair is that it does glide smoothly in all directions thanks to the castor wheels and good thing since it weighs 32 lbs. It has a five point safety harness, removable waterproof pad, hands-free braking system (that’s a pain), pneumatic lift height positioning (reminds me of getting my hair done), adjustable try, and six castor wheels. The reason it’s supposed to be easy to clean is because it’s not supposed to have any cracks or crevices. However be advised that there are two pieces that make up the shell. One piece divides the baby’s legs and where that piece meets the rest of the highchair is another crevice.

Modern highchairs are expensive, but if the above don’t suit your fancy here are some other great options that I’ve used. The Bloom Fresco Highchair, Inglesina Club Highchair, Inglesina Zuma Highchair, and the BabyBjorn Highchair. They each have great features and not so great featured.


When people imagine a highchair, they think of traditional highchairs. The universal design that fits well in most kitchen spaces. Typical features include wheels, a storage compartment, feeding tray, footrest and some type of patterned seat. If style and fashion are your priority, do not look in this section as these are more whimsical and fun prints geared toward baby not parents.

Joovy Nook Highchair – $99.99

Specs:  ♥ 28″ x 24″ x 43″ ♥ 15 lbs ♥ 6 months to 50lbs ♥ JPMA CERTIFIED

Pros: ♥ JPMA Certified ♥5 point safety harness ♥ 1 Step Fold ♥ 1 Hand Fold ♥ Easy to Clean ♥ Lightweight ♥ Compact Folding ♥ Swing Open Tray ♥ Seat Covers are machine washable (both leatherettes and fabric) ♥ No Assembly Required

Cons:  º Height and Seat Adjustments

There is little not to love about the Joovy Nook Highchair and it is my FAVE highchair by far for many reasons. I love the fact that I can easily take off the leatherette or fabric cover and machine wash it. I love the swing out tray and the fact that the top and bottom tray can be removed for easy cleaning. (The top tray is machine washable) Weighs 15 lbs and is the lightest, good traditional high chair on the market. Has a handle to carry and it folds completely flat. You cannot go wrong with this highchair.

OXO Tot Seedling Highchair – $149.99

Specs:  ♥ 35″ x 21.3″ x 41.3″ ♥ 23 lbs ♥ 4 months to 35 lbs

Pros: ♥ JPMA Certified ♥ 5 point safety harness ♥ 3 reclining positions ♥ Stain Resistant Cushion ♥ Cushion is Machine Washable ♥ Easy to Clean ♥ 5 height positions ♥ tool free assembly ♥ 1 hand removable tray ♥ tray storage

Cons:  º ability to fold º a tray liner

Love the tool-free seat height and depth adjustability. The contoured seat is adjustable. Smooth surfaces make it easy to clean. The cushion is stain resistant but also easy to remove and wash in your machine. Large buttons make adjustments easy. Seat has 3 reclining positions and 5 height settings. Tray stores on back of legs. The tray rest flat on the table to prevent bowls and cups from tipping over. Scratch resistant, locking wheels provide mobility and flexibility. Tool free assembly makes me happy. 🙂

Fisher-Price EZ Clean Highchair – $77.18

Specs:  ♥ 29″ x 24.5″ x 42″ ♥ 21.6 lbs ♥ Up to 50 lbs

Pros: ♥ JPMA Certified ♥ 5 point safety harness ♥ 3 reclining positions ♥ Stain Resistant Cushion ♥ Cushion is Machine Washable ♥ Easy to Clean ♥ Lightweight ♥ compact folding ♥ 1 hand removable tray ♥ dishwasher safe tray

Cons:  º assembly required º childlike prints

Ideal for busy, modern lifestyles, the Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair offers stain-resistant fabrics and a convenient strap system that makes cleanup quick and easy. For added convenience, the dishwasher-safe tray can be easily removed with one hand while the sturdy, open-frame design allows the three-position high chair to be placed right at the dinner table. Plus, it folds for quick storage, and wheels at the front of the frame allow you to easily move the high chair from one location to another. The padding features seamless fabric over a crevice-free design and extra smooth straps, helping to prevent crumbs from collecting on the seat. This seat offers a three-position recline, as well as a 5-point safety harness which can be adjusted at the back of the chair.  You’ll appreciate the time-saving features of the EZ Clean High Chair. Designed with Nano-Tex spill-resistant, machine-washable fabric, the seamless seat pad is free of crevices and nooks–places that love to trap pesky crumbs. Plus, the EZ Clean strap system keeps straps for adjustment in the back of the seat and out of the way, while the smooth five-point restraint harness is easy to wipe down. With a three-position recline, the high chair accommodates a wide age range and grows with your child. The open-frame design and sturdy base also feature height adjustment so baby can be pulled up to the dinner table with the rest of the family. It also allows you closer access to baby for feedings. The front of the base offers durable wheels that make it easy to glide the high chair from room to room. For added convenience, the high chair folds for easy storage. The portable design makes it a great choice for traveling. The Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA) for meeting all American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) standards.


Wooden highchairs have that antique, sophisticated but classic look that parents love. Unfortunately, wooden highchairs don’t always come bustling with features that make parents swoon so most are discontinued due to poor sales and/or are recalled due to safety issues. Some however are not only bustling with features but completely safe and have been for years. Here are my top picks for a wooden highchair.

Stokke Tripp Trapp – $250+

Specs:  ♥ H 31″ x D 19.25″ X 18″ ♥ Made of Cultivated Beechwood ♥ Weighs only 16 lbs

Pros: ♥ JPMA Certified ♥ Eco Friendly ♥ 10 Color Options ♥ Grows with Child ♥ Lightweight ♥ Sturdy Base ♥ Footrest ♥ Ergonomic and Modern Design ♥ 5 point safety harness ♥ Holds up to 300 lbs ♥ 7 year warranty on wooden parts. ♥ Meets US and International Safety Standards

Cons: ♦ No Wheels ♦ Doesn’t Recline

This is one wooden highchair that grows with your child, so some people like to call it a convertible highchair. That’s cool, go for it. It’s pricier because it’s a lifelong investment. I still have mine and use it often. It comes in 10 amazing colors and one almost out of stock whitewashed color. Designed for babies from 6 months to adulthood and supports up to 300 pounds. This is also considered a modern highchair as well, because it doesn’t scream baby it screams sleek furniture. The five-point harness system and stable base offer a safe seat for your baby to join you at the table. It accommodates children from infancy through the age of 3 and is completely adjustable. The footrest is designed for comfort and is ergonomic. It mimics placing feet squarely on the floor. You can adjust both the height and depth of the chair, allowing your child to sit at the table and use the tabletop as an eating surface. No messy chair tray attachment to deal with, but your child feels like they are part of the family. T H-shaped base provides security and a much smaller eco footprint than other highchairs. There is an extended glider that can be placed in the rear position for extra traction too. As stated this chair grows with your child from baby, toddler, tween, teen to adulthood. There are six different combinations. To clean wipe it down with a washcloth. The safety harness is completely removable and machine washable. You can choose to purchase an option Tripp Trapp Cushion with several different patterns separately. Stokke sells the Baby Set separately which has a back support extension and a solid plastic yoke between the legs and across the midline as well as extended gliders. The only cons for this amazing highchair are it’s no wheels and it doesn’t recline, neither of which as a safety conscientious mom are cons to me.

Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair – $166.23

Specs: ♥ 40″H x 19.25″W x 29″L ♥ Up to 50 lbs ♥ 3-position recline ♥  4-position height adjustable ♥  Footrest

Pros: ♥ Beautiful ♥ 5 Point Safety Harness ♥ Big Tray ♥ Reclines ♥ Height Adjustable ♥ 5 Color Options

Cons: ♥ The snack tray can’t be removed easily ♥ The affixed snack tray isn’t adjustable ♥ Cushion can be slippery ♥ not JPMA certified.

The Summer Infant Bentwood Highchair will grow with you and your child from birth up to 50 lbs. The larger removable tray is fine, it’s the smaller snack tray that is permanently attached to the chair that will drive you crazy. It makes it really difficult to get your bigger little ones in and out of the highchair. There is an easy-to-clean vinyl coated quilted pad for toddler feeding. It has a 5-point safety harness and a simple 4 position height adjustable seat. It also boast a 3-position recline; and a flat, compact fold for storage between feedings. There is also a child footrest for comfort and storage hoods on the legs for tray storage. Remove the tray when the baby outgrows the highchair and you can keep using the highchair as an up-to-the table booster. Bottom-line: If you want a nice looking highchair that is affordable, this is an option.

Other wooden highchairs that people love are the Svan Signet Complete.  At $250 it isn’t my first choice because it requires two hands to remove the tray (included) and is hard to clean. The Keekaroo Height Right Highchair with Tray looks so similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp you may actually do a double take. I did. The infant insert is proudly made in the USA. It is JPMA certified but if I’m spending $250 I’m going to buy the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Wooden Highchairs to Avoid: Abiie Beyond Junior Y Chair is loved by parents who haven’t done their research because it looks so much like the Tripp Trapp, but it is nothing like the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair. It’s made in China and cheap. The finish wears off and the cushion is surface clean only.

 Conclusion: When it comes to buying a highchair you’ve got to do your research. Make sure it’s safe. JMPA certified is the best way to go. I’m happy to help. What high chairs would you add to the list? What is the best highchair for your babies that made the list, or that you’d like to make my list?



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