Best Breastfeeding and Maternity Wear of 2014

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When it comes to the best breastfeeding and maternity wear of 2014 a few features were absolutely necessary. 1. Comfortable 2. Supportive 3. Breathable Fabric 4. Sexy 5. Accessibility

1. Cache Coeur


While attending the ABC Kids Expo a Casanova (pun intended) stopped me as I was heading over to another appointment. I explained I was media, they are there for buyers, he was ok with that, so I promised him I would return and the next day and I did. I’m so grateful that I did too. All men will thank me as well. Cache Coeur has the most sexy and comfortable nursing lingerie I’ve ever seen! Fashion forward and Fashion Police approved, it is just as functional. The magnetic clip is genius!
While pregnant, most men find us sexier than we’ve ever been. While you’re throwing things at me saying, that’s ridiculous. It’s true. So, wearing neutral and quite frankly, hideously, disgusting nursing wear is NOT ok! You don’t even feel good wearing it.

So, go buy this sexy négligée now and feel like the glow that everyone keeps saying you have. Cache Coeur’s maternity wear has a secret weapon beyond comfort and accessibility, their pregnancy clothing excels in the fine art of your perfect fit. Fabrics are breathable and made for the delicate nature of your skin throughout your pregnancy, as well as magnetic clips on nursing bras and other articles of pregnancy clothing allowing for one-hand-openings for the best in discretion and accessibility.vThe cups from Cache Coeur’s nursing bras come lined with two zones, a “dry” zone to prevent from rubbing and a “wet” zone with microfibers that dry up to 5 times faster than a standard bra. Cache Coeur’s exclusive nursing bras contain the ability to adapt and evolve to the expanding volume of your breasts up to a full cup size.

Cache Coeur Lingerie is sexy, elegant and functional! All breastfeeding and nursing moms can “get your sexy back” wearing their beautiful, elegant, fashion forward and comfortable breastfeeding and maternity wear. From nursing bras, lingerie, clothing and swimsuits they are a one stop shop for all your maternity and breastfeeding needs.


2. Hadley Stilwell

She’s all about effortless elegance for breastfeeding moms on the go. She’s got clothing that can be worn to the office. Holly Harris who created Hadley Stilwell created clothing that a mom could wear to work. She is smart enough to know that a mom that looks and feels good will continue to breastfeed verses a mom who feels frumpy.

The very best thing about Hadley Stilwell Maternity Wear is that you cannot tell it’s designed for a nursing mom. With double knit pieces and crossover shirts, the breastfeeding convenience is hidden but accessible. She says to hide the parts you want to hide and accentuate the parts you want to accentuate. The plunging necklines are totally sexy.HADLEYSTILWELL_Crossover_Nursing_Shirt

3. Everly Grey

When Everly Grey realized that the breastfeeding and maternity wear were lacking sophisticated prints and contemporary appeal with an affordable price point for busy moms and moms to be, they invented themselves as the hot, up & coming maternity label that has easy-to-wear fabrics and styles from dresses and tops to skirts and pants.

The look of Everly Grey is a feminine and modern look. Everly Grey’s designs empower pregnant women with style and glamour. Although they made the Best of Breastfeeding and Maternity Wear 2014 they are more maternity wear than nursing wear.

everlygrey_arianna everlygrey_kaitlyn_classic_wrap



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