Best of Bath Products 2016

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Best of Bath Products 2016

1. SoapSox – Created by Dads, Approved by Moms, Adored by Kids is their slogan. SoapSox® is simple and fun to use. However, I don’t have Shrek hands so I can’t exactly use the finger holes. Just fill the pocket with liquid or bar soap and add water. The mesh and antimicrobial and mesh allows for maximum foaming and all kids love bubbles. If you can place your fingers in the side pockets, go for it. My hands are tiny and that’s just not going to happen unless they make those side pockets closer together for me. You can wash your SoapSox®; toss it in the washer on gentle and tumble dry. You can also hang dry if you like. Make sure you get out as much water as possible before you hang it to dry to minimize drying time. **Hang-Drying Option:Each SoapSox® has an optional 10″ hang-drying cord included with every package. Simply insert the hang-drying cord through small loop located on top of character (near the neck or tail of character). Tie the hang-dry cord ends together and hang-dry your SoapSox®. You can choose between Emma the Duck, Harper the Hippo, Hunter the Gator, Jackson the Whale, Scorch the Dragon, Tank the Shark, Ava the Dolphin, Ray the Manta Ray and Taylor the Turtle.

2. Hevea Bathing Toys – From the 3 Pack of Hevea Pond Bath Toys to Kawan the Duck and his multiple purposes, these natural rubber bath toys are amazing. They are not just for the bath, the malleable rubber encourages your baby’s sense of touch and is easy for their tiny hands to grasp. The patterned  texture on Kawan’s feet and back are ideal for soothing and massaging irritated gums. Last but not lease, Kawan the Duck is hygienic in it’s one piece design, there are no cracks or joints for bacteria to hide in. If you like a more traditional Rubber Duckie, I suggest King Alfie.

hevea kawan the duck

3. Piyo Piyo Multi Function Digital Thermometer – at only $12.11 you can’t go wrong with something that is adorable and keeps your baby safe. You should always test your baby’s bath water before putting them in to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. The Piyo Piyo Multi Function Digital Thermometer makes sure your baby’s bath water is the perfect temperature before they are splish, splashing and taking a bath. This also monitors the room temperatures with the easy-to-read colored light display. The yellow duck head is removable, and the bottom of the intuitive thermometer is made of specially designed material that can be used to comb and massage the baby’s head during their bath. Makes life easier and more comfortable for babies, toddlers and us as parents.

Piyo Piyo Multi Function Digital Thermometer

4. BabySpa® Mommy & Me Stage 1 Gift Set – When it comes to baby lotion I am a true “snobby baby mama” because in my opinion there is no greater smell than a clean newborn. BabySpa Stage One Mommy and Me Gift Set (yes, I actually use this myself) will pamper your baby as if they are already enjoying a spa like experience. This Gift nourishes, hydrates and soothes making it perfect for memorable moments with your baby. It comes with an infant massage book & tickle toys to stimulate baby sensory development. It is neatly packaged in a woven abaca basket and includes: Soapless Body Wash, Moisturizing Body Lotion, Shea Butter Diaper Cream, Calming Massage Oil, Travel Size Ultra Soft Baby Wipes, Travel Size Moisturizing Body Lotion, Plush Tickle Sensory Toys & Infant Massage Book. BabySpa®’s Stage 1 products are formulated to naturally care for sensitive skin in newborns through crawlers, during a phase where they are more vulnerable to irritants, changes in temperature and environments. Infused with our Fresh Baby Scent, BabySpa®’s Stage One products are meant to nourish, hydrate, heal, protect, & strengthen the natural balance of a baby’s delicate skin. BabySpa®’s products contain exclusive Ethnobotanical Ingredients that are proven to protect, heal & nourish extra sensitive skin. Patented Swiss moisturizers (Unisoothe EGee): an ECOCERT Certified & organic combination or 3 natural botanicals that hydrates & protects delicate skin; heals skin redness & irritations Songa: an Organic botanical with collagen effects, traditionally used by Ancient Native Americans to sooth, refresh and provide a soft and supple feel to the skin.Our collection also contains over 30 nourishing ingredients, carefully selected for their unique benefits & therapeutic properties including the soothing & healing effects of Calendula, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, & vitamin-rich emollients from Grapeseed, Jojoba, & Avocado oils. This makes my best of bath products for 2015 because it’s an entire kit in one for you and baby. I love it.

5. Otteroo Baby Floatie – Once your baby is around 4 months of age they become very curious and love to explore the world and their surroundings. Otteroo gives babies the freedom of movement in the weightless water environment and they love to discover how their arms, legs, and bodies can move to impact the immediate surrounds and their direction. When I first saw this device I’m like WHAT IN THE HELLO is that. After seeing babies use it and genuinely love it, it’s a must have for all babies. There are so many benefits to the otteroo from enhancing a baby’s motor skills, maintaining swimming reflexes, and promoting early walking. The Otteroo builds neck, upper body, arm and leg muscles with less stress on your baby’s joints. Babies are born with the innate ability and swimming reflexes that disappear around 4-6 months. Otteroo helps babies make a seamless transition from involuntary movements to voluntarily kicking their legs. Infants possess stepping reflexes that go away by the 3rd month; this returns when a baby is buoyant in water. otteroo promotes extended stepping exercises, which can lead to earlier walking. At $35 this is a wise investment.

6. Boon Odd Ducks 4 Pack – This cute set of four odd ducks makes my best of bath products for 2015 list because these ducks do not absorb water which helps to prevent bacteria growth. They are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free. I recommend for ages 6 months and up.

7. BambiniWare 3-Cleani™ Bundle (Green, Yellow & Blue) – The Bambini Cleani™ is an ultra plush organic cotton wash cloth with a convenient elastic finger band that keeps the cloth on the caregiver’s hand while feeding, changing & bathing baby. This bundle includes three (3) cloths: 1 Kiwi Mango; 1 Pineapple Orange; and 1 Blueberry Mango.  Although the pretty gerbera daisies flowers are not included I’m pretty sure after using the Bambini Cleani™, you will never want to buy an ordinary wash cloth ever again!


  • 100% organic cotton velour top layer
  • 100% cotton absorbent middle layer
  • 100% cotton flannel backing

8. Cuddlecloth® Baby Bath Towel – White Turkish terry velour CuddleCloth® is proudly Made in the USA. This is a wider version of the original CuddleCloth. NOW 35″ wide x 40″ long. Mom invented product (US patent #7685648) No more fear of bathing a slippery wet baby. CuddleCloth gives you the peace of mind you need while drying your most valuable possession after a bath. The added benefit of staying dry is icing on the cake! This unique hooded towel goes on the parent before bathing baby by pulling the long tab through the hole at the top of the hood. After bath Cuddlecloth is ready to receive the baby. When you pull the hood to cover baby, Cuddlecloth instantly comes off of you! Baby is cuddled up and you stay dry! No need for a changing table, great for the pool or beach! Cuddlecloth® baby gift set is a generous high quality terry velour 100% Turkish Towel cotton Cuddlecloth, and a CuddleroundTM washcloth. This may be last on my best of bath products for 2015 but it is one of my absolute favorites.

What are some of your fave and best of bath products for 2016?  Any that should make the list in 2017?



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